Monday, March 9, 2009

The Passion of Mary-Margaret - MY REVIEW

“Jesus was always at the wheel, but he’s not particularly cautious. In fact, he takes hairpin turns at seventy miles an hour if you want to know the truth of it. But as he is God, I’ve always figured he knows how to drive better than I do.” (p. 2)

The Passion of Mary-Margaret is not a book that can be contained within the confines of a book review. It is a complex, raw and honest look at some of the most hideous aspects of human depravity as well as an achingly beautiful look at how wonderful an intimate relationship with Christ can and should be in the believer’s life. This story looks at prejudice from every angle imaginable – prejudice based on race, religion and yes, even the judgments we unfairly pass on those we don’t know or even understand based solely on their appearance or actions. This book – this remembrance - is emotionally painful, morally difficult to accept and digest at points, and utterly filled with the truth of Christ’s love for those dead in trespasses and sin.

The Passion of Mary-Margaret is written in the context of the Catholic faith. Mary- Margaret is in her seventh decade of life when she sits down to write the details of her life-story. It is filled with some pretty unbelievable and horrific moments. But in the scope of reading this novel I have realized one very important thing…God’s ways are so much higher than our ways! What may seem like a life of hardship and drudgery - what may appear to be talent or time wasted – what may look like tragedy to we mortals who walk within the boundaries of time, is simply God’s hand weaving the great tapestry of life – the reflection of Christ’s finished work upon the cross. There is no one – NO ONE – beyond the reach of Christ’s redemption! The Passion of Mary-Margaret is a good example of that fact.

Lisa Samson’s characters are not easy to love. Truth in fact, the characters in The Passion of Mary-Margaret are difficult to even tolerate at times. But once again, God’s timing of this novel into my reading schedule coincides with me just coming from the bedside of a recovering addict…sitting with her through pain…loving her when her own mother despises her…encouraging her while she copes with the fall-out of twelve years of addiction. Love reaches past all of that and stays faithful. It’s not easy. It’s not pretty. But that is how Jesus loves me in all of my sin. He died for me. I must live for others.

God is so abundantly faithful…even when it comes to the stories He gifts to Lisa Samson. I imagine she’ll get a lot of feedback, both negatively and positively from her latest novel. The Passion of Mary-Margaret is not easy to read. Emotionally, it is very difficult. But the truth it contains….amazing! Once again, I thank God for Lisa Samson’s obedience.


Linda said...

Great review...thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book.

I am trying to push my way through the book, not truly enjoying it like I wish I could.


Mocha with Linda said...

I enjoyed your review. I struggled with what to write in my review. I "got" the underlying message but I had some issues with the book and didn't care for it. I linked to your review in mine.

Suzanne said...

Kim--I have a feeling you're a wonderful friend to your friends. ~Suzanne (a visitor from Mocha with Linda's site)