Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't Let Me Go by David Pierce - GIVE AWAY!

The true story of how a father and his teen daughter connected through

an ice axe and well-worn running shoes.

One day after reading a book about a wilderness adventurer, David Pierce’s fifteen-year-old daughter Chera announced that she wanted to climb a mountain. What David heard behind that wish was a bold declaration: “I’m growing up, Dad—what are you going to do about it?” A few weeks later they bought matching backpacks.

Over a three-year period they climbed five mountains and ran in two marathons. Together they suffered sore muscles, bitter cold, sprung knees, shin splints, and broken spirits. But they also reveled in blazing sunsets, glissaded on a glacier, and celebrated numerous victories great and small. And in the process, they built an unshakable father-daughter bond that will stand the tests of time.

In Don’t Let Me Go, David Pierce—the husband of popular Christian comedienne Chonda Pierce—offers a down-to-earth, funny-yet-serious book for parents with the same universal appeal as Bob Carlisle’s heart-tugging song, “Butterfly Kisses,” only with well-worn running shoes and an ice axe.

This book is so different than what I expected! I anticipated a sentimental, out-of-touch with my child kind of story. What I found instead was the most tender-hearted, funny, entertaining read that just drew me into the father/daughter events taking place between David and his daughter Chera. Oh, that we all could be such devoted parents and spend such quality time with our children! What a different world this would be!

What I loved was not only the sacrifices these two made for each other, but they both learned so much about God together and about His power and majesty. They touched on important life-lessons (it was hilarious when the boyfriends had to call dad about the plans for their date!) but the main focus was on the bond developing as they challenged themselves with ever increasing levels of difficulty in their physical adventures. I laughed out loud many times at the way David describes his feelings - both emotional and physical - and by the time I reached the end...WOW!

Suffice it to say, this is a story that will tug on your heartstrings, but it will leave you encouraged and challenged not to miss the adventure of raising your children. Share life with them! Don't miss it! It passes all too quickly! This would make a great Father's Day gift, so pick up a couple of copies here today!

And for anyone interested in winning your own copy of this book, I have an extra copy for a give away! Please leave a comment on this post and include your contact information. I will draw a name next week!


Mocha with Linda said...

I absolutely loved this book!

Wish you were here in Dallas!

Merry said...

Please put my name in, it sounds wonderful!

Amber Holcomb said...

This book does sound really inspiring! Thanks for a chance to win!


Kim said...

Okay Amber!

You've won this one! Be looking for my confirmation email!

Thanks everyone!