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Ted Dekker - A.D. 33

Occupying my heart and mind!!

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 22, 2015) - YouTube sensation Christopher Duffley, whose August 2015 performance of the National Anthem at Fenway Park has been named one of the most exciting viral videos of the year, will make multiple appearances in the national media this month.

The fourteen-year-old singer, who is blind and has autism, will be featured on the ABC television network special, The Year: 2015, which is set to air tonight, and is also featured in this month's issue of Sports Illustrated Kids magazine.

Christopher brought fans and players at Boston's historic Fenway Park to their feet when he performed the national anthem prior to the Major League Baseball game between the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox. His heartfelt rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" not only captured the hearts of fans at the stadium, but a video of his performance blew up on social media outlets and caught the attention of both local and national media.

The video was so exciting and inspiring that ABC News has included it in its Most Exciting Viral Videos segment of the news program's year end recap special, The Year: 2015, hosted by Good Morning America News Anchor Robin Roberts, which will air on the ABC television network tonight, Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 8 pm Eastern, and again on Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 3 pm Eastern. Check local listings for details.

Sports Illustrated Kids magazine has highlighted Christopher's performance in its year end double issue under its "Moments to Shine" section.

Christopher's performance originally went viral once the Associated Press broke the story, gaining coverage in such high profile media outlets as Sports Illustrated, ESPN,, The Bleacher Report, Fox News, ABC affiliate station WMUR, The Boston Globe, USA Today and Telemundo New York, among many others.

Christopher's August 2015 performance marked the third time Christopher has sung the National Anthem at Fenway, but this one was a bit more special for the young singer, as it capped off the weekend celebration of the release of his second CD, Believer. The follow-up to Christopher's wildly successful and inspirational debut, Eyes of My Heart, Believer focuses on life rooted in faith that transcends physical disabilities. The project is currently available online from Christopher's website,, and other online retailers including iTunes via digital download.
"God has used Christopher and our family to touch the world in a special and unimaginable way," says Christine Duffley, Christopher's mother. "With over 5 million collective views on Youtube, Christopher's music has taken on new meaning for us and all who hear the voice of a child whose autism and blindness point us to what really matters in life."

Christopher, who is currently touring in support of Believer, has previously been featured by media outlets including The Huffington Post and The Blaze. The YouTube video of his performance of "Open the Eyes of My Heart" has garnered more than 7.5 million views worldwide.   

For more information about Duffley and Believer, visit, like on Facebook ( or follow on Twitter (@ChrisDuffley).

About Christopher Duffley
Christopher Duffley entered this world with only a 50 percent chance of survival. Born prematurely at 26 weeks, Christopher weighed just 1 lb., 12 oz. and tested positive for cocaine. Miraculously, he survived, but an eye condition, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a disease that affects the eyes of many premature babies, rendered him totally blind by the time he was 6 months old. Due to his birth parents' inability to care for him because of their drug dependency, Christopher was discharged from the hospital into foster care.

But Christopher's struggles were not the end of the story. When his biological aunt and her husband, Christine and Stephen Duffley, learned that Christopher was in foster care, they sought him out. Once they located the child, they brought him home to New Hampshire to be part of their family. 
By the time he reached 5 years old, Duffley had been diagnosed with autism. Although he had rarely conversed until he reached the first grade, Duffley's adopted mother, Christine, had noticed his ability to make rhythmic noises and keep beat, and he had begun to pick out songs on the piano by age 3. Because of this natural affinity, music therapy was a logical choice to help Christopher Duffley learn to communicate, which Christine Duffley says he did more often by singing than talking. And, when he sang, it was in perfect pitch.
Duffley's story as a popular entertainer began when a video of the then 10-year-old Duffley singing "Open The Eyes of My Heart" at the Capitol Center for the Performing Arts in New Hampshire went viral, garnering more than 8.7 million views on YouTube. News of his remarkable talent spread like wildfire, culminating in Duffley singing the national anthem for the Boston Red Sox baseball team at Fenway Park.

Demand for Duffley to release a CD swelled, propelling the young  singer and his family to travel to Nashville to work with Dove Award-winning producer, songwriter and  arranger Steven V. Taylor (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Grant, Kirk Franklin).

The result was an 11-song compilation of inspirational, patriotic and sacred songs, titled Eyes Of My Heart, that reaches deep into listeners' hearts and encourages them to see with new eyes. Duffley's followup project, Believer, released Saturday, August 15, 2015. 

"Although the circumstances have been difficult and we have had challenges, we have found much joy and so many more blessings," says Christine Duffley. "Family life is imperfect and messy, and it has been a journey of love, forgiveness and abandonment. Through it all, however, we are grateful that Christopher's biological parents chose life and, now, God is using this life to touch the world for Christ."
For more information about Duffley and Believer, visit, like on Facebook ( or follow on Twitter (@ChrisDuffley ).

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More Than Conquerors by William Hendriksen - Review

About the Book:

With an uninterrupted printing history since it was first published in 1939, this treasured interpretation of the book of Revelation has served as a solid resource and source of inspiration for generations. Using sound principles of interpretation, William Hendriksen unfolds the mysteries of the apocalypse gradually, always with the purpose of showing that "we are more than conquerors through Christ." 

Both beginning and advanced students of the Scriptures will find here the inspiration to face a restless and confusing world with a joyful, confident spirit, secure in the knowledge that God reigns and is coming again soon. This straightforward interpretation makes a helpful resource for pastors, teachers, students, and anyone who desires a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

My Thoughts:
That a book would remain published for  75 years after its first private printing is reason enough to explore its contents.  And, frankly, that is all that I’ve had time to do – explore.  What I’ve found is a book rich in knowledge from a mind that is truly seeking to know God’s will and His way of living.

The book of Revelation is a book that has garnered exploration from the finest minds in scholarly history.  More Than Conquerors uses Bible references over and over again as the basis for any conclusions drawn about the meaning of the contents of this particular book of the Bible.  Hendriksen’s bibliography is lengthy, and it is clear his desire was to be as in pursuit of God’s truth as the author of the book of Revelation – John.

This is a very scholarly work, but it is written so clearly that even a layman will benefit from the knowledge it contains.  This is a must have for any Bible scholar!

About the Author:
William Hendriksen (ThD, Princeton Theological Seminary) was professor of New Testament literature at Calvin Theological Seminary.

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Whispers in the Reading Room by Shelley Gray - REVIEWED

About the book: 

Whispers in the Reading Room (Zondervan, November 2015)

Lydia's job at the library is her world---until a mysterious patron catches her eye . . . and perhaps her heart.

Just months after the closure of the Chicago World's Fair, librarian Lydia Bancroft finds herself fascinated by a mysterious dark-haired and dark-eyed patron. He has never given her his name; he actually never speaks to a single person. All she knows about him is that he loves books as much as she does.

Only when he rescues her in the lobby of the Hartman Hotel does she discover that his name is Sebastian Marks. She also discovers that he lives at the top of the prestigious hotel and that most everyone in Chicago is intrigued by him.

Lydia and Sebastian form a fragile friendship, but when she discovers that Mr. Marks isn't merely a very wealthy gentleman, but also the proprietor of an infamous saloon and gambling club, she is shocked.

Lydia insists on visiting the club one fateful night and suddenly is a suspect to a murder. She must determine who she can trust, who is innocent, and if Sebastian Marks-the man so many people fear-is actually everything her heart believes him to be.

Buy your copy here

My Thoughts:
Words are only words.  Sometime they are not enough.”  (p. 328)

1894 found Lydia Bancroft in a rather uncomfortable and unexpected position in her life.  There were many uncertainties before her, and, like many if not all women of that era, the only escape from her circumstance was to marry well.  That prospect was as uncertain as every other circumstance she was facing, and the reality of her relational status seemed every bit as fictional as the books she loaned her reading room patrons.

Don’t you just love a library, the quiet peacefulness to enjoy endless adventures between the pages of a good novel?  Lydia loves it too, and she is especially drawn to her patron Sebastian Marks.  He begins as a mere observer in the novel, but he quickly becomes almost too involved in Lydia’s affairs.  In fact, he seems to almost bully his way into her life circumstances, and for the longest time the reader is unable to discover his true intent and purpose.  For you see, he lives a double existence most of the novel, and though he longs for things to be different, he feels as trapped as Lydia for totally different reasons!

This has been the most engaging, intriguing book I’ve read lately, and I’ve been totally transported back in time to enjoy the historic era, and, most importantly, the reading room.  I am very excited to recommend this book to readers everywhere!  You will be completely engaged from beginning to end, and you will come to care a great deal about this very eclectic group of characters. All is not as it seems!!  Enjoy!! 

About the Author:
Shelley Gray is the author of The Heart of a Hero series. Her Amish novel (written as Shelley Shepard Gray), The Protector, recently made the New York Times best seller list. A native of Texas, she earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in Colorado and taught school for ten years. She and her husband have two children and live in Southern Ohio.

Connect with Shelley at her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from the publisher)
Over the course of ten Mitford novels, fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, first seen in At Home in Mitford as a barefoot, freckle-faced boy in filthy overalls.
Now, Father Tim Kavanagh’s adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened his own animal clinic. Since money will be tight for a while, maybe he and Lace Harper, his once and future soul mate, should keep their wedding simple.
So the plan is to eliminate the cost of catering and do potluck. Ought to be fun.
An old friend offers to bring his well-known country band. Gratis.
And once mucked out, the barn works as a perfect venue for seating family and friends.

Piece of cake, right?
In Come Rain or Come Shine, Jan Karon delivers the wedding that millions of Mitford fans have waited for. It’s a June day in the mountains, with more than a few creatures great and small, and you’re invited—because you’re family.
By the way, it’s a pretty casual affair, so come as you are and remember to bring a tissue or two. After all, what’s a good wedding without a good cry?

My Thoughts:
Tonight everything is better than okay. Bu it isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.” (p. 264)

Dooly Kavanagh is a miracle that was born out of the love and sacrifice of many, but especially Father Tim and Cynthia.  I’ve been with this family from its very foundation, and I KNOW these people.  The Mitford series and all of its characters have nurtured me, challenged me and changed me, and this novel – the Big Knot – the wedding I’ve waited years to attend – it was phenomenal!!

Come Rain or Come Shine is a novel I saved for a time when I could savor its story. It was SO WORTH the wait!! If you have readers on your Christmas list, you need to introduce them to Jan Karon’s Mitford series.  Today.  And if they have read the series, then this is the book that will complete their gift list! It’s been a long time since I’ve cried at a wedding, but I cried at this one!  So tender, such a hard fought battle to arrive at this point in time.  And such love, lavished out of hearts that have been touched by tragedy time and again…and still they love.

From the dogs in bowties and the long lost sibling from across the globe, to all of the pot luck dishes and a very unusual and unexpected guest, this is a wedding you will never forget!  And your heart will be reminded of what covenant love looks like in its truest form!  Come to Mitford for the wedding you’ve been waiting to attend for years!!

My heart is full.  Thank you Jan Karon.  Thank you!!!

About the Author:
Jan Karon is the author of the bestselling series of twelve Mitford novels featuring Father Timothy Kavanagh, an Episcopal priest, and the fictional village of Mitford, the most recent of which, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good, has spent two months on the New York Times bestseller list. She is also the author of thirteen other books, including two Father Tim novels, a cookbook, and several books for children. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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The Christmas Project by John Schiltt - REVIEW

My Thoughts:
 Dance your way through the celebration of Christ's birth with this amazing project! This is a rockin', groovin', electronic  combination of sounds that gives listeners a new way of hearing the words of traditional carols.  There are some slower songs, but even these more thoughtful songs have a great new sound that will set your toes tappin' and your feet groovin'!  You have GOT to check this out!!

Grammy and Dove Award winning vocalist John Schlitt released his first-ever recording of holiday music, The Christmas Project, to brick & mortar retail outlets in Fall 2014.

The CD, available through
Elevate Entertainment and Send The Light Distribution, can be found at retailers including Lifeway Christian Stores, Family Christian Stores and Munce Group member stores, as well as online through,, Amazon, iTunes and others.
"This is the first time I've had almost a full year to promote a CD, and The Christmas Project is worth it," says Schlitt, who released the project in digital format only in November 2013. "We have created a wonderful package, thanks to the skill and belief of my producer and the musicians who gave 100 percent. The reaction to the digital release last year was amazing and I'm excited that this project is now in retail stores. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and I'm so humbled to have a CD out there celebrating this blessed season."

The full-length CD is comprised primarily of beloved traditional Christmas carols, but that doesn't mean The Christmas Project is all egg nog and holly. This album rocks with the unmistakable John Schlitt style that legions of fans have come to know and love. The icing on the Christmas confection is an original tune, "What Christmas Needs to Be," which is destined to become a seasonal classic.

Schlitt launches The Christmas Project with what is arguably the greatest Christmas song of all time, "The Hallelujah Chorus." While Handel's masterpiece has been interpreted by a multitude of musicians over the past 250 years, no one sings
"hallelujah" like Schlitt. "The Hallelujah Chorus" transitions seamlessly into a guitar-driven, barn-burning version of "Do You Hear What I Hear." "Little Drummer Boy" gives Schlitt the freedom to explore his full range of vocal prowess, starting at a muted whisper before embracing his full-throttle, wailing rock roots while holding fast to the traditional melodies of the beloved carol. A music video of "Little Drummer Boy" by the award-winning Saylors Brothers (Israel & New Breed's Live From Another Level DVD) is available on YouTube (

Schlitt reins in his potent vocals for a gentle, reverent interpretation of "Oh Holy Night," then ratchets up the intensity on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," a rock-inflected fist-pumper that is guaranteed to get the listeners' blood flowing. The versatile vocalist shifts moods to one of pure fun with the funky Irish reel "Good Christian Men Rejoice," then slides comfortably into the mellow, bluesy "That Spirit of Christmas."

Melancholy keys and strings embellish Schlitt's emotion-laden vocals on the traditionally arranged "We Three Kings." The gently rocking "What Christmas Needs to Be" leads into the project's closing tune, the reflective "What Child Is This." "What Child Is This" provides the perfect foil for Schlitt's signature vocal stylings, allowing him to channel his passionate delivery through a filter of awe at the enormity of this central event in history.

Schlitt utilized the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter to raise financial support for the new album. To purchase The Christmas Project, visit schlittshop.comFor more information on Schlitt and The Christmas Project, visit  or follow him on Twitter (@johnwschlitt) or Facebook (  

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Grace Chapel Worship: Songs of the Incarnation EVER WITH US

Grace Chapel Worship has released  Songs of the Incarnation: Ever With Us, a new 7-song Christmas EP, through iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play. (Grace Chapel Worship photo)
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 8, 2015) - Merry Christmas from Grace Chapel Worship! Hailing from beautiful Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, the worship team from Grace Chapel is thrilled to announce the release of their beautiful new 7-song Christmas EP, Songs of the Incarnation: Ever With Us on the Grace House Music label. The project is now available for purchase online through iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play.

"My primary goal was to create a recording that people would want in their music collection at Christmastime," declares producer Scott Williamson (Point of Grace, Three Strand). "I think we did that. But, in doing so, we found our way into something even better--something truly worshipful that reflects the spirit of the season."
The EP kicks off with a decidedly Nashville version of the beloved carol, "Joy to the World," featuring an eclectic combination of electric guitars, keys and banjo, before seguing into the project's debut radio single, "Ever With Us." Written by music industry veterans Mia Fieldes ("Proof of Your Love," "He Knows My Name") Rick Cua ("I Can, I Will," "Above All Else") and Jonathan Allen ("All of Me," "Mighty Redeemer"), "Ever With Us" features lead vocals by Dove Award winner Alisa Childers (ZOEGirl). This lovely holiday-themed carol employs understated piano leads, gently strumming acoustic guitars and sweet strings to accentuate Childers' pristine vocals, as the lyrics remind listeners of the true meaning of the Incarnation--that the Word came down and walked among us. He is God with us! Worship, joy and awe collide in a song that is destined to become a holiday classic.

The EP's worshipful mood continues with the project's other original composition, the sweetly evocative, piano-driven "Peace Be Still," before subtly shifting into the more up-tempo "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" which merges the Old English mood of the original with contemporary sensibilities. A joyful atmosphere emerges on "Angels We Have Heard On High," then is imbued with a hovering sense of awe as veteran CCM recording artistAmy Morriss Lowry takes lead vocals on "Oh Holy Night." The project closes with a lovely and peace-filled rendition of perhaps the most iconic of all Christmas carols--"Silent Night." 

Contemporary Christian music pioneer and Grace Chapel pastoral care pastor Rick Cua credits Grace Chapel worship pastor Jonathan Allen with creating an atmosphere of worship that was conducive to producing the project. "Jonathan Allen's nurturing leadership has made a way for the worship team to pour it all out for Jesus each time we worship, while at the same time get out of the way so the congregation can stay focused and draw close to the Lord," says Cua. "Every track on Grace Chapel Worship's new Christmas EP is a reflection of what God is doing musically from week to week and song to song at our church. The foundation of it all is our desire to worship God by giving back everything He's given us."

"I've had the joy of serving with the worship community of Grace Chapel for years now, and I'm so excited to share our first Christmas project!" says Allen. "This project is the fruit of our annual Christmas Eve services where we take a quiet hour to remember that Jesus has come into our world and changed everything. We went into the studio with a few members of our community to capture the heart of those nights. The result has far exceeded my expectations, thanks to the brilliant contributions of our team and particularly Scott Williamson, who produced the project. My hope is that this recording, and everything we do, will make Jesus famous and be a blessing to worshippers."

In keeping with Grace Chapel's heartbeat for missions and in response to God's call to "look after orphans" (James 1:27), a portion of the proceeds from all Grace Chapel Worship sales will go towards Josiah's House, a boys' home started by Grace Chapel in the Dominican Republic.

About Grace Chapel Worship:Grace Chapel Worship is a community of gifted artists who love to worship God and love serving the church. They value authenticity and passionate biblical response to God. It is their hearts' cry to look at the God who loved us first and say "I love You too." For more information about Grace Chapel and Grace Chapel Worship,
About Josiah's House:
Located in San Pedro De Marcoris, Josiah's House, once completed, will be a complex of four homes housing a total of 32 boys, along with one married couple (house parents), in a family setting. The mission of Josiah's House is to
give each child an education, Biblical guidance, life skills, and daily
affirmation of God's love for them. In partnership with SCORE International and Grace Chapel, Josiah's House provides destitute boys with a place of hope. The vision is to expand the project to include a similar facility for destitute girls. For more information about Josiah's House visit

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Proverbs Prayers by John Mason - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Experience the wisdom of God in your life as never before
The book of Proverbs is a wellspring of wisdom, offering practical guidance for life and the tools to make good choices, withstand pressure, prioritize relationships, and avoid unnecessary trouble. 

Now bestselling author John Mason helps you make that wisdom a part of your inner life. For thirty-one days, he takes you through each chapter of Proverbs, unpacking the wisdom within and providing a heartfelt prayer based on the insights from that chapter. As you read and pray, you'll discover the principles found in this wisdom-packed book coming alive in your life in ways you may never have imagined.

My Thoughts:
Lord, I choose today to pay close attention to wisdom and listen intently to understanding.  By doing so, I will exercise discretions, and what I say will be wise and fill of knowledge. In what areas do I need to grow in wisdom and understanding?”  (p. 29)

Praying God’s Word is a concept that was introduced to me in and past year or so, and, if I’m honest, sometimes I can’t seem to figure out what that looks like in regard to some scripture.  John Mason has been led by God to pen prayers using Proverbs.  This is a powerful prayer devotional, and a great teaching tool to model praying scripture. 

This devotional also includes a breakdown by topic for someone wanting to pray specifically and directly for areas of their own life or someone else who needs wisdom and direction from God in a certain area.  This would make an amazing gift for a spiritual leader in your life, and will serve as a powerful tool in your personal prayer time as well!

Please, consider this powerful encounter with Proverbs today!

About the Author:

John Mason is a bestselling author, minister, and speaker. He is the founder and president of Insight International and Insight Publishing Group, organizations dedicated to helping people reach their God-given dreams. He lives in Oklahoma.

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Called to Pray by Linda Evans Shepherd - REIVEWED

About the Book:
When you feel a nudge to pray, what will you do?
Most of us have felt it at one time or another: that unexplained prompting in our hearts to stop and pray for a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger. Sometimes we are even awakened from a deep sleep with an even deeper need to go to God in prayer. Where do those urges come from? Are they truly from God? Or are they merely stray thoughts? And if we respond in prayer, are others' lives affected at all?

In Called to Pray, Linda Evans Shepherd shares dozens of inspiring true stories of people who have heeded God's call to pray and the astonishing results of those impromptu prayers. Through accounts of people being protected from harm and rescued from danger, of needs being met and hearts being encouraged, you'll see that God is involved in an active and dynamic relationship with us--and that we can be part of his plan to bless others.

If you have ever wondered if prayer has any real effect or doubted that God communicates with us personally, this heart-stirring book will amaze, inspire, and equip you to respond to those holy promptings.

My Thoughts:
“Let me proclaim you power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me.” (Psalm 71: 18 NLT)

This verse is one of many that appears throughout Linda Evans Shepherd’s book, Called to Pray. God has given her Scripture that reflects the essence of the intercessory call to pray that guides each person in their particular situation.  God’s Word faithfully equips His children to hear and respond to His voice.  The Holy Spirit does indeed call us to pray for others, and the more often we respond to these nudges, the more effectively, promptly and eager we are to pray for others.

Many times the urgency of the matter is not revealed until the situation has passed, and other times we may never know exactly why we are prompted to pray.  Shepherd’s book illustrates this beautifully.  As you read, you may recognize similar occurrences in your own prayer life, and you will become strengthened in your prayer life and eager to learn more about God’s call to pray in your life.

Once again, God has purposefully placed this book in my life, “for such a time as this.”  I’ve been learning more and more about following the Holy Spirit’s direction in my life, and I’ve recently experienced  answers to prayer that have been very encouraging indeed!! 

I highly recommend this book as a source of encouragement and strength for all Christ-followers! 

About the Author:
Linda Evans Shepherd is an award-winning author, a popular speaker, and a radio personality. The president of Right to the Heart Ministries, she is the author of several books, including When You Don't Know What to PrayExperiencing God's Presence, and The Stress Cure. She and her husband live in Colorado.

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The Fervent Tour!!

Brother & Sister Duo Priscilla Shirer & Anthony Evans Join Together for Nights of Worship & The Word on The Fervent Tour To Launch in 2016

New York Times Bestselling Author Shares How To Experience God to the Fullest  & The Voice Alumni Performs Hits from Chart-Topping Album Real Life Real Worship

Select Markets to Feature Their Father Dr. Tony Evans 
Los Angeles, Calif. (Dec. 1, 2015)-  On the heels of the #1 box office hit Warroom, author and speaker Priscilla Shirer will join her brother, celebrated worship artist Anthony Evans, for the nationwide Fervent Tour in February 2016. Registration will be open starting December 1.

The winter event is the follow up to the fall leg of the tour that was a sold out success. Produced by Anthony Evans Productions/Entertainment in conjunction with Jerry Shirer and Going Beyond Ministries, the inspirational event will kick off in Springdale, Ark., on February 15 and visit major markets including Austin, Texas, Oklahoma City and Nashville, Tenn., closing in Cumming, Ga., on February 26. See a full list of tour dates below.

The evenings of Worship and the Word will include the New York Times best-selling author’s dynamic teaching approach on how everyone can experience the power of prayer in miraculous and practical ways. Additionally, Evans will perform songs from his Billboard chart-topping album Real Life Real Worship.This will be the first major event Evans will make after his acting debut in the feature film Caged No More, where Evans co-stars alongside Emmy winning actress Loretta Divine and Kevin Sorbo. The film, produced by the team who brought you God’s Not Dead, is set to open in theaters nationwide January 22.

Lastly, guests in select markets will even witness the preaching of their father, mega church pastor, author and radio personality Dr. Tony Evans.

For more information on The Fervent Tour, please go

FerVent Winter Tour - February 2016

February 15 - Springdale, AR
February 16 - Austin, TX
February 17 - San Antonio, TX
February 18 - College Station, TX (Kingdom Family Conference featuring Dr. Tony Evans)
February 19 - Houston, TX (Kingdom Family Conference featuring Dr. Tony Evans)
February 20 - Oklahoma City, OK
February 21 - Wichita, KS
February 22 - Memphis, TN
February 23 - Nashville, TN
February 24 - Charlotte, NC
February 25 - Charleston, SC
February 26 - Cumming, GA

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Every Crooked Path by Steven James - REVIEWED - and releasing today!!!!

About the Book:
Who is the Piper? . . .

Special Agent Patrick Bowers returns in an electrifying prequel to the Bowers Chess series from critically acclaimed, national bestselling novelist Steven James. 

A mysterious suicide and a series of abductions draw Patrick into a web of intrigue involving an international conspiracy where no one is who they appear to be and the stakes have never been higher.

Soon, Patrick discovers that the secret to stopping the Piper’s current crime spree lies in unlocking answers from an eight-year-old cold case—and the only way to do that is by entering the terrifying world of the conspirators himself.

Dark, probing, and chilling, Every Crooked Path takes an unflinching look at the world of today’s cybercrimes and delves into a parent’s worst nightmare as it launches a new chapter of Patrick Bowers thrillers.

My Thoughts:
Love sets us free.  But in many ways it also holds us captive.”  (p. 274)

This statement captures the essence of Steven James’ latest novel, Every Crooked Path.  This novel takes readers back to Patrick Bowers' relationship with Christie and introduces us to our first glimpses of Tessa.  The novel fills in much of the backstory that makes Patrick Bowers such a memorable and vibrant character in the minds of the readers who have come to care so much about this broken FBI agent.

To me, this is one of the darker books in Patrick Bowers’ life.  It deals with a subject that has ripped the hearts out of many lives and something that feeds the darkest addictions known to humankind.  James’ still writes with great clarity, and each of his characters’, no matter which side of the law they fall on, are so well developed that you come away from the pages feeling as though you KNOW these people, and somehow, they touch the essence of your heart. 

This is an unbelievably difficult journey for these characters.  By the end, you wish you could read with your eyes closed.  It’s pretty intense!  But, that is why I remain a very ardent fan of Steven James’ writing.  He captures the human spirit directly, succinctly and so truly, that anyone who comes to the pages of his novels has to do some honest self-evaluation.  He shines the light on some of the darkest places of the human heart, but he also weaves in the truth of redemption – couched amid honest and probing questions.  It’s like looking at your faith through the lens of intense trauma and deciding where your heart lies within the scope of that faith - or lack thereof.

RUN to the store and buy this book!  RUN!! You will not sleep much as you devour this story, but you will come away changed.  Once again, I must say with deepest appreciation, BRAVO!!!

About the Author:
Steven James is the national bestselling author of nine novels including the critically acclaimed thrillers CheckmateThe KingOpening Moves, and The Queen. He has won three Christy Awards for best suspense and was a finalist for an International Thriller Award. His thriller The Bishop was named Suspense Magazine’s book of the year. Publishers Weekly calls him ”[a] master storyteller at the peak of his game.” He has a master's degree in storytelling and has taught writing and creative communication around the world. When he's not writing or speaking, you'll find him trail running, rock climbing, or drinking a dark roast coffee near his home in eastern Tennessee.

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Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Nothing is more beautiful than family
For the first time since their children were born, empty nesters Judith and Stan Winters spent Thanksgiving without the kids, and it's looking like Christmas will be the same. Judith can't bring herself to even start decorating for the holiday; her kids always hung the first ornaments on the tree, ornaments they had made each year since they were toddlers. Sure, the ornaments were strange-looking--some were downright ugly--but they were tradition.

With Judith refusing to decorate the bare spruce tree in their living room, Stan's only hope for saving the holiday is found in a box of handmade ornaments . . .

My Thoughts:
Name one thing I do that’s  important or essential. One thing I do that makes a difference.”  (p. 45)

Judith really took an extreme view of her role of wife and mother when her children can’t make it home for Christmas.  Depression is a real response to the holiday season for many.  Whether it is the natural progression of children leaving home, the death of a spouse, divorce…there are many things that change the trajectory of family traditions, and the first encounter with that change sometimes hits harder than planned.

I could identify with many of Judith’s emotions, because the first couple of holidays after my divorce – especially when I was alone – were emotionally difficult.  Dan Walsh deals with these emotions realistically in his latest novella, Keeping Christmas.  His solution revealed a selflessness that many wish could be found in their spouse during the holidays! J 

This was a touching story, and a stark reminder that if our review remains focused on our unmet expectations instead of others, we will always be disappointed and depressed by the holiday season.  I know I’ve discovered the only way through many, if not all, of these emotions is to focus on serving others.  That’s what the holidays are supposed to look like anyway.  Merry Christmas!

About the Author:
Dan Walsh is the bestselling author of several books, including The Dance and The Promisewith Gary Smalley, as well as The Unfinished GiftThe Discovery, and The Reunion. He has won three Carol Awards, and two of his novels were finalists for RT Book Reviews Inspirational Book of the Year for 2011 and 2012. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Dan served as a pastor for twenty-five years. He lives with his wife in the Daytona Beach area, where he's busy researching and writing his next novel. Visit for more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Aleppo Code by Terry Brennan - REVIEWED

About the Book:
Will the code reveal history's most powerful weapon for destruction--or humanity’s only hope? 

The living members of Tom Bohannon's band of adventurers gather again in Jerusalem--physically battered, emotionally exhausted, spiritually challenged, and in various stages of shock--to examine a copy of the tenth-century Aleppo Code, the oldest complete text of Jewish scripture. What the clues inside reveal could lead to the reuniting of the Ark of the Covenant with its true source of power, a weapon that could lead to victory for this ragged bunch trying to save the world. 

Hunted by the relentless assassins of the Prophet's Guard and caught in the web of an international conspiracy plotting the conquest of Europe, Bohannon's team searches the ruins of Ancient Babylon. Their search lands them amid the chaos that engulfs western Iraq, but they must press on to accomplish one of the most pivotal pieces of end-times prophecy. This intrepid group will uncover secrets that require them to risk everything for their faith, their country, and the peace of all mankind. 

Unfolding against the backdrop of an Israeli/U.S. strike against Iran and the planned economic overthrow of the European Union by the sinister, secret head of the international Muslim Brotherhood, The Aleppo Code is a heart-pounding race. Brennan takes an epic story on a grand scale and tells it primarily through the eyes of one man who is desperately trying to save the world as he follows God's purpose for his life.  

My Thoughts:
 That’s not a very wise prescription for you future health.”  (p. 365)

Truer words have never been spoken!  Between those called to protect the secrets of the ancient scrolls, the Temple Mount, and everything the prophet Jeremiah revealed in scripture, there are a host of people on both sides of every issue presented in this book.  The United States and Israel join in ways I hope never become reality, the Muslims and Jewish people are continuing to war, The Prophet’s Guard and Bohannon’s eclectic gang of self-appointed (God-called) protectors of the Cipher are trying to kill one another…..I’m telling you that every single page of this novel is jam-packed with information, action, intense personal sacrifice…this is a book for everyone!!

Terry Brennan has woven fact and fiction in such a way that it becomes hard to know where one begins and one ends.  The secrets of the ancient texts go back centuries, and he is good enough to outline fact and fiction at the end of the book.  But, in the meanwhile, strap in for a wild and exhilarating ride!! And don’t think things settle down too much…because those last pages will leave you sputtering in disbelief!!  This is GOOD!!!

Don’t miss The Aleppo Code!!

About the Author:
Terry Brennan is the award-winning author of The Sacred Cipher and The Brotherhood Conspiracy, the first two books in The Jerusalem Prophecies. He is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and has received the Freedoms Foundation award for editorial writing. Brennan is currently chief administrative officer for Care for the Homeless in New York City. More on Brennan can be found at