Sunday, February 21, 2021

Network of Deceit by Tom Threadgill REVEIWED

About the Book: 

She's following her instincts. They're following her every move.

After her rescue of nearly fifty kidnapped children made international headlines, Amara Alvarez gets what she's worked for: a transfer to San Antonio's Homicide Division. But reality sets in quickly when her first case, the suspicious death of a teenager at a crowded local water park, plunges her life into chaos.

As the investigation moves forward, Amara finds herself stalked online by cybercriminals who uncover her personal life in frightening detail. With few leads, she's forced to resort to unconventional methods to find the killer and prevent her first murder investigation from ending up in the cold case files.

My Thoughts:

"Are you in any danger?"  (p. 182)

Detective Amara Alvarez' mom asks the question everyone reading the novel is asking!  And, at the point the question is asked, there is no clear answer.  Amara is working her first homicide case, open and shut suicide, right?  Oh no!  Her instincts kick in immediately, and she begins to uncover a multi-layer cyber crime ring that is holding data hostage till the ransom is paid!  

Amara is a really great character, and she is devoted to her job.  While she begins digging into her first case, her personal life takes quite a few twists and turns as well.  She is also devoted to her large and very intertwined family, and is forced to learn to lean on their strength when her case threatens their safety.  Someone gains way too much information about her life and Amara has to take drastic action!

This is the first novel I've ever read by Tom Threadgill, but it won't be the last!  I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, and became invested in the outcome of the story almost immediately.  The story is paced in such a way that you can enjoy the ride, but remain on edge because the outcome is never clear.  I can honestly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a solid story!  I am a Threadgill fan for certain!

About the Author:

Tom Threadgill is a full-time author and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and the International Thriller Writers (ITW). The author of Collision of Lies, Tom lives with his wife near Dallas, Texas. Learn more at