Thursday, December 17, 2020

I Was Called Barabbas by M.D. House - REVIEWED

About the Book:  

We know precious little of the man called Barabbas, a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth. He is variously described in the historical record as thief, murderer, rebel, and notable Roman prisoner. His release by the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate was part of the supernal plan for the Christ to offer himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice, but it’s doubtful Barabbas understood any of that at the time.Many have wondered what became of him, or rather, who he became after that fateful day. Someday we will know the answer, but in the meantime we can imagine that, like all of us, he too sought a path of personal redemption, imperfectly.

My Thoughts:

I am guilty.  If this Jesus that my wife believes in can truly forgive sins, he won’t forgive mine.  Not all of them, anyway.  I have earned my just reward in the deepest pit of Sheol.”  (p.87) 

Barabbas is a man few have considered over time.  He received his freedom as Christ took his place on the cross, but how his life played out for the rest of his days -who knows?  M.D. House uses this man’s life as a jumping off place for his imagination, and, after blending it with historical details, produces a story that will touch and challenge a believer’s heart. 

I was captivated by all of the twists and turns of the story.  This author really thinks of every practical challenge that Barabbas would face as a man trying to rebuild a life after being set free from prison. The placement of a believing wife walking by his side was a stroke of genius, because the faith of the early believers seemed almost contagious!  Yet Barabbas, even after witnessing many miraculous things, struggles with his own ability to receive the gift of grace that Jesus’ life offers him.

 Barabbas’ struggle was convicting to me, because I’ve struggled mightily in this same area.  Like Barabbas, no matter how many times God blesses me throughout my life, there is a part of me that is always waiting for justice to come calling.  I’ve had spiritual directors and counselors leading me out of those lies and toward God’s truth, and, like Barabbas, it is not an easy journey. 

I applaud M.D House for such an amazing story, and I am thrilled that I will be able to follow Barabbas on his journey as he continues to walk out his faith.  The early Church was a very challenging place to grow your faith, and not everyone survived the challenge. I’m thrilled to discover this author and eagerly await his next work!

About the Author:

M.D. House enjoyed a successful first career in the mysterious world of Corporate Finance, but creating and telling stories (and NOT about Finance) was his true love. His first full-length novel was a sci-fi work called "Patriot Star." His second was historical fiction about the life of Barabbas, titled "I Was Called Barabbas." Sequels to both are coming soon.

Writing isn't just fun for him, it's an important way to share his passion, beliefs and vision with family, friends, and anyone else who loves great storytelling with powerful human perspective and emotion.