Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Saving I Need by David Tensen and Friends - REVIEWED

About the Book:  From the bestselling author of The Wrestle comes another memorable poetry collection. 

The Saving I Need brings readers over forty new poems penned by David Tensen, accompanied by a generous selection of carefully crafted poems from fourteen emerging poets chosen and mentored by David himself. From its breathtaking opening piece 'Birthing God' through to its end, this anthology invites readers into a poetic meditation through beauty, tragedy, hope and spirituality.  

Acclaimed by theologians as a prophetic Psalter of these times, Tensen continues to write with expanding wisdom, love and empathy, echoing the silent cries of his lifetime and the Christian tradition. 

This book also features poetry from: Andrew Adair. Abigail Bucks. Brian Bucks. Carly Caprio. Kara Chidlow. Nicole Fisher. Matthew Hardy. Kaelan Kiernan. Victoria Kuttainen. Franki Maglaras. Jessica Mussro. Jessica Stevens Nicole Walker. Tineke Ziemer.

From the collection:

by David Tensen

it's the cracks 
on the road to wholeness
you have to watch for

the novice avoids them,
scuttling with speed 
across the bitumen

hoping to reach
a promised land 
without tripping

but the wise slow down
knowing the road
has no end

the wise have learnt
the cracks are 
the way forward

going down 
into the narrows
where seeds fall

My Thoughts:

I discovered David Tensen's work last year, and I have been touched deeply by his poems.  When I heard there was to be a collection of work by a group of poets, I became curious.  I'm SO GLAD I did!!  This book has served as a healing touch to my soul, and I encourage everyone to be open to receive its words!  You'll meet folks from around the globe from a variety of backgrounds, and you will gain a book that you will be able to revisit again and again!

I am grateful for the collection and look forward to reading it for years to come!