Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Guess the Book

Today's Challenge:
In six words or less, describe one or two of your favorite books. The book should be published for the Christian marketplace or be considered a Christian classic. You cannot include words from the titles or the names of the characters. For example, if I chose A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman, I might use the following six words: World War I, Sisters, Love, Ireland, Newspaper. If you like, though, you can make it into a sentence that describes what the book is about. But you can't use more than six words! Then we'll each go around and try to guess each other's books. I will give a ten dollar Amazon gift certificate to one person who correctly guesses one of my books. (you don't have to do this obviously) If all else fails and you can't guess what the books are you can always try google or amazon!
My Books:
1. Wealthy woman seeks direction from homeless
2. Future seeks answers from the past
Visit My Friend Amy's blog post to see what others are guessing!
Thanks everyone for playing! I'm going to edit in my answers since it's no longer Saturday! :)
The first is Neta Jackson's Where Do I Go?
The second is Amy Deardon's debut A Lever Long Enough
I tried to use books I'd blogged here since the first of the year to help with the search. And, technically, the second clue would have worked for Robert Liparulo's Gatekeepers book too. I don't have a "prize" set aside for the guessers this time, but I'll be ready for the next guessing game! Stay tuned here for some great give-aways to be posted! Thanks again for stopping by!


RAnn said...

1. The Same Kind of Different as Me?

CeeCee said...

I know I can guess the first one: Where DO I GO by my favorite author,
Neta Jackson.

You write good clues! I can't guess the second one. Hahaha

Nise' said...

Quaker Summer sorta fits #1, have no clue for book 2

Amy said...

I was going to guess Quaker Summer for the first one, but I haven't read Where Do I Go?!!

The second one has me totally stumped!!!!

Anonymous said...

Batting zero for the day - I haven't a clue - well you HAVE given the clues, I got no ANSWERS (smile)

Great challenge today - rough, but interesting. My post is up at Free Spirit for those who haven't been there yet-

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Argh! I'm not good at this at all. Here's mine!

Guess the Book