Friday, March 27, 2009

In The Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan

I think it is impossible to truly capture the essence of the apostle Paul’s life in its fullness. God did such a miraculous transformation in this man’s life, and his sacrificial missionary existence the rest of his days testify to God’s strength, His wisdom, His unending grace in the lives of countless souls. Ken Duncan is a photographer whose heart has been captured by the powerful testimony of Paul’s journeys, and he has captured a modern-day image of these ancient landmarks in his latest work, In the Footsteps of Paul.

Each two-page spread contains breathtaking images of the areas where Paul lived and ministered. These images are accompanied with Scripture references to each location as well as a brief explanation of their significance. Among this information, the reader will also find powerful quotes and words of admonition from well-known Christian leaders. Truly, In the Footsteps of Paul transports the readers mind back to the time of Paul’s ministry while placing these locations within the context of their modern-day location.

This book would serve as an inspirational study-tool for anyone seeking to know more about Paul and his missionary journeys. For me, it served to deepen my desire to see these historic landmarks for myself. It also reminded me that as ancient as these places may seem, they still contain a field ripe unto harvest of people who need to hear the gospel message. Truly, and inspiring, and beautiful book! Breathtaking!

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