Monday, March 16, 2009

Breach of Trust by DiAnn Mills - MY REVIEW

Suspense and political intrigue make up my favorite combination of plot lines when it comes to Christian fiction. However, I’d never really pondered the thought that perhaps a CIA operative might struggle with some of their tasks – especially the deceit often employed to protect their undercover work – and whether or not God could or would be pleased with their actions. In Diann’s latest novel, Breach of Trust, she takes this thought and runs with it from page one, taking the reader on a heart-pounding race toward truth.

Breach of Trust was a huge switch from my initial introduction to Diann Mills’ work - a historical romance entitled Awaken My Heart! In this suspense-filled romance, Paige Rogers is the local town librarian trying to put off the pursuit of the local football coach Miles Laird – at least that’s what you’re supposed to think. Actually, Paige is Mikaela Olsson, a CIA operative in hiding after an assignment that went terribly wrong. The town of Split Creek, OK becomes home to her only when the lives of those she loves are threatened by her former partner – a powerful man now running for state office.

This is only the first layer of the story! Paige/Mikaela is forced to face her past when the adoptive mother of her only child becomes ill. As she wrestles with whether or not the deception she is living within is morally wrong in the context of her new faith, she must decide whether or not to rejoin the CIA and try to bring her former partner to justice – all the while knowing that she is putting all of the people she cares for into the path of imminent danger. There is no way for the reader to determine who is on the side of right or wrong as the story develops! Just about the time you think you have figured out who is working for the bad guys…it turns out they are the good guys in disguise! And those you trust and begin to enjoy as characters…well, they aren’t who they appear to be either!

Diann Mills certainly knows how to stay one step ahead of her readers in Breach of Trust! Besides the suspense and the budding romance between Paige and Miles, she also weaves in several believable subplots dealing with friendship, parental relationships and the inner-workings of a small town. All along the way, trust becomes a central issue and it is examined from many different angles. The result is a story that satisfies on many levels and appeals to a very broad audience.

I highly recommend Breach of Trust to all readers. This is one book that will grab you from the first chapter and hold you tight until the last page! I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!


Mocha with Linda said...

I loved this book, too. I just skimmed your review, though, because I still have to write mine! :-)

Hey, did you see my post yesterday? I'm going to the Expo in Dallas!!

SmilingSally said...

I loved it too! Now I need botox!