Monday, March 2, 2009

Love Finds You In Humble Texas - MY REVIEW

“Just when we think we know the shapes and colors of our lives, we see new ones that come out of nowhere.” (p.233)

Trudie Abernathy is about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday – single. Her sister Lane is a successful image coach with a host of admirers - but she too is single. These two sisters share a very close relationship, and they both want to see each other happily in love. However, when both women fall for the same man…well, things get pretty complicated!

Love Finds You in Humble Texas is a classic romantic tale! The women are struggling with insecurities and unfulfilled dreams while trying to sort out their own dreams and desires for fulfillment. The man – a very handsome Mason Wimberly – is almost too good to be true, but he has struggles of his own when faced with the decision of fulfilling his father’s wishes or fulfilling his own unique calling in life. When Lane sets Trudie up on a blind date with Mason the plot begins to pick up speed and the complications inherent within romantic relationships begin to come to the forefront!

It was satisfying to watch Trudie recognize and embrace her artistic talent and gifts. She seemed to really blossom as a character once that was acknowledged. It was also encouraging to watch the sister relationship withstand controversy while maintaining the godliness that Christian women should display to one another. When Lane finally confronted Mason – well, let’s just say she showed maturity and real grace in a very uncomfortable situation.

All in all, I enjoyed this book. It did get a bit on the mushy side at times, but hey! It’s a romance! It’s supposed to be mushy. I think this is great escape reading for a rainy afternoon – nothing too heavy here. Pick up your copy today!

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Rachel said...

This is interesting...I have lived in Humble, TX. Is is the town next to the one I live in now!