Sunday, March 8, 2009

Introducing Skeeter! One of Hermie's friends!

Greetings blogger buddies! In the spirit of this DVD, I'm doing something unique here and reviewing something that is not a book! As a matter of fact, it's a DVD for those not yet old enough to be reading! Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure is the latest animated DVD in the Hermie and friends series by Max Lucado. With teens in the home instead of toddlers, I've never seen these movies before, so this was indeed a delightful introduction to these characters!

Skeeter is a mosquito who lives in the garden with Hermie the caterpillar and the rest of his bug buddies. The poor guy has a "stinger" that is very crooked, and it seems to ruin his sense of direction - keeping him lost all of the time. However, the crookedness must be conducive to good smelling, because this bug can smell stuff miles away! So Skeeter has this unusual life of discovering yummy things like raspberries only to get lost trying to find them again to share them with his friends. How frustrating is that?

In the midst of all this confusion in Skeeter's life his brother - Sinclaire M Skeeto the third - comes to town. This great adventurer and world-famous treasure hunter has a "stinger" that is straight as an arrow, and everyone swoons over his great tales of bravery. Trouble is, Sinclaire is about the most conceited bug around, and he has no problem pointing out Skeeter's shortcomings.

Well, Sinclaire is looking for a lost treasure left behind by his father. Skeeter has seen the mysterious markings leading to the treasure, and if he can just remember where it was he saw the markings, he can help his brother uncover the most meaningful treasure of his career. What an opportunity! Will Sinclaire let his brother assist him in his search? Will Skeeter remember where he saw these mysterious markings that lead to the treasure?

I can't spoil this for you! Just suffice it to say that by the end of the tale the brothers both learn that they are both unique by design and loved in spite of what others perceive to be flaws. It's a great lesson to teach children at a young age, and these brightly colored bugs are the perfect medium in which to introduce basic lessons from the Bible. The viewer also gets to hear from Max Lucado himself at the beginning and end of the film, so that is kind of neat too.

Oh, and there is a feature about nutty nursery rhymes that is hysterically funny! I laughed out loud several times watching this buggy film! So consider exploring the world of Hermie and friends! Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure will delight viewers young and old. You can visit Thomas Nelson's site to learn more about this and other great animated films!

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Rachel said...

How fun...I kept a couple of hermie DVD's at the house just in case we had young kids know the rest of the story! :)