Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Double Minds by Terri Blackstock - MY REVIEW

“There’s a ride for you, as well, one that He chose for you before the foundation of the world. I hope you’re on it.” (p. 311)

I have been a long-time fan of Terri Blackstock. Her suspense stories were some of the first to become popular in the CBA market, and I was always excited to find a new book with her name on the cover. Double Minds is her latest release, and honestly, I think I’ve come to admire her work even more! You see, the main character, Parker James, is struggling with her God-given direction in life – something all believers do throughout their faith-walk. Her journey takes us into the Christian music industry, and while it is an exciting and thrilling tale, it is also an authentic testimony to God’s faithfulness when His children obey His voice. THAT, dear reader is what I like to find in a book!

Parker James is a talented song writer who moonlights as the receptionist for a successful recording studio. When the intern filling in winds up dead, and the media reveals that she is the daughter of another Christian music star the plot begins to thicken like a fog bank descending before a storm. Parker’s home is vandalized, someone is following her while she goes about her daily life, and her brother Gibson is the detective assigned to find the murderer while trying to keep his sister safe.

However, Parker is being attacked on levels where her brother’s protection simply won’t reach. Her best friend, Serena, is the performer taking her songs to the top of the Billboard charts, and a secular producer lures her into a contract by promising her that Parker can perform during her concert intermissions. The catch comes when Parker must agree to remove Christ from the songs. Is it a price she is willing to pay to achieve success in her songwriting career?

Readers, this is a multi-layered suspense tale that deals with the real temptation faced by believers who have been gifted to reach the public through creative venues. This story reflects an ongoing debate about whether or not a Christian artist can reach non-believers through secular means. This story reflects the real-life struggle of the author writing Double Minds! Terri Blackstock’s closing words are as powerful as anything she has ever written!

You WON’T be disappointed by Double Minds! I love trying to figure out who the bad guy is, and I love it when they are hid in plain sight from the very beginning of the story! For what it’s worth, I had three people pegged as the murderer, and I still didn’t guess right. THAT is a fun and exciting read! Don’t miss Terri Blackstock’s latest suspense tale, Double Minds! And don’t forget to pray for Terri and the other Christian writers who are called to entertain readers while glorifying God with their talent! You can pick up a copy of this great book here.

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