Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Word Gets Around by Lisa Wingate - MY REVIEW

“What good is a life saved if you fail to live it?” (p. 363)

I adore those books that take me to the place in my heart that says, “A-men!” When I reach the end of the story and there are tears of joy, of completion, of full understanding and rejoicing over something difficult overcome…it is SO WORTH the time spent reading! And blog readers, Lisa Wingate has taken me to that place, and I have never been more pleasantly surprised!

Word Gets Around sports a sassy, mischievous-looking girl on the cover, and in the background there is a barn, a pick-up truck and an old water tower. When I turn the book over to read the back-cover copy, there is talk of romance and Hollywood movie stars. When I begin to read, I find witty humor and fun, believable dialogue with only a hint that there is a bigger story underneath. By the time I’m half-way through the book I can feel the fear and doubt that hovers within the hearts of several of the key characters, and I yearn to reach out and encourage them not to give up…to keep going because there is so much more to be enjoyed. This story, these characters take me to a familiar place, introduced me to a familiar small-town group of people, and like Lauren (aka Puggy) I feel like I’ve come home.

Lisa Wingate captures the essence of small-town USA. Daily, Texas is a place not unlike the small towns of my own childhood. The ample amounts of rich food, unconditional, loving relatives, town-folk who know what is going on in your life before you do…I’ve lived that! I laughed out loud at the antics of the big-hair trio – Doneetta, Imagene and Lucy. I loved the sign at Uncle Top’s farm that reads, “No trespassing. If You can read this, U R in range.” (p. 213) I loved the way Nate and Justin and the crazy Frederico enter into this small-town world and have their hearts and minds transformed. And the way Lauren finally lets go of her guilt and reaches toward the peace offered to her by The Good Horseman…unbelievable!

It’s hard for me to sum up my Word Gets Around experience. It’s so much more than a romance! It reaches out to the broken, guilt-ridden hearts that have been wounded by the past, and offers hope of peace and forgiveness. This is what Christian fiction is all about folks! I am so very, very thankful that I had the opportunity to read this book, and I highly recommend Lisa Wingate’s work to everyone!

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