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Another View from Rebeca Seitz' Window! Sharing her Heart about Scrapping Plans!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Rebeca Seitz back to my Window! This dear lady has a wonderful love for the Lord, and she has such a gift of sharing her thoughts and dreams with us through great stories! There are some exciting things going on in her life, so please join me as I share with you a view from Rebeca's Window!

Welcome, Rebeca!

Each of the Sister’s Inc novels really showcases one sister’s individual quirks and shortcomings as a means that opens the door for God to work in their life. Joy and her husband really cling to their control issues. Is this something that the Lord has ever dealt with you over? (I know he has wrenched my own hands away from life several times!) What tool did He use in your life to accomplish this?

I’m definitely a control freak! I have a hard time, “Letting go and letting God,” as the church saying goes. God dealt with this mightily in my life when my first husband ended our marriage. All control was taken out of my hands and I was left sitting on our couch, sobbing, wondering how this happened and where I lost control and what I could do from here to get the control back. Yep, even in that moment I cast about for something I could control. But God kept the hits coming. For an entire year, things kept falling apart. I’d think I had control and off my world would fly into smithereens again. Finally, exhausted and at my wit’s end, I gave up. I decided that I hadn’t done a good job ordering my life and wasn’t capable of picking up the pieces one more time. It took about two days before I met the man who is now my husband, was offered a job that lead to my current ownership of a PR firm, and my life’s pieces settled into a beautiful story.

I wish I could say I learned my lesson, but I still struggle with control sometimes. While it’s so much better – and more fun! – to let God write His story for my life, I have this horrible tendency to take the pen from His hands. Thankfully, He’s great at writing around my mistakes so that they become part of a breathless, invigorating story of love and mercy.

Dealing with the introduction of a new spouse into a family of grown children always seems to be a problem. I have watched some of my friends wrestle with this very deeply. What was the inspiration for Jack and Zelda’s romance?

Thank you, Karen Ball! Karen is my editor and she pushed me to explore the relationship between Zelda and Jack more deeply. My parents are still married as are my in-laws, so I haven’t had to deal with this first-hand. I have, however, watched the havoc that can be wreaked by second spouses through my grandparents’ relationships. My mother lost her entire inheritance (land that had been in our family since the Civil War) because of my grandfather’s second wife. I saw the pain that caused Mom and the struggle she went through to forgive the woman who stole her childhood home and land – and I thought about how the Sinclair sisters might feel threatened by Zelda’s presence.

Since each of the Sinclair sisters is adopted, why is Joy the only one that feels compelled to find her birth mother? When she brings it up in the story, the other sisters seem a bit floored. I love God’s timing in the story as He uses this to heal some hurtful places in her heart!

Lifetime movies notwithstanding, I don’t think that every adopted child eventually seeks out his or her birth parents. Meg, Tandy, and Kendra have a million things going on in their lives that they don’t feel are impacted by their adoptive status. Joy, however, finds irony in her situation – her mother did not want to raise a child and Joy would give nearly anything for the privilege. This irony makes her angry and sad and she seeks out an understanding of her mother in order to allay those emotions and find a point of forgiveness and acceptance both of her birth mother and her own situation.

You indicate in the book that Joy’s story was inspired by your own sister’s journey. Can you share just briefly how this impacted you? Do the sister’s responses in the story mirror some of your own?

It was inspired by my sister-in-law’s journey. Sara is the best sister-in-love that a girl could ever ask for. She’s elegant and gracious and beautiful and loyal. I knew early on in the series that Joy would be the sister to adopt and I was so honored when Sara shared her story with me so that I could adapt it to Joy’s. Sara and her husband, Louis, adopted Madeleine from China about three years ago. They’re also in the process of adopting their second daughter from China. They went the path of adoption after years of struggling to conceive. Their journey impacted everyone in the family. I remember when they brought Maddie home – my father-in-law and mother-in-law made certain they were at the airport to welcome this newest grandchild! Seeing a tiny slice of Sara’s emotional journey made me realize that there truly are different paths to motherhood and that they all can lead to a woman pouring her heart and soul into a little one for life.

Can you give us a sneak peek into the next sister’s story in the series? We’re all guessing dear Meg is up next!

Meg is, indeed, up next. Those headaches of hers have got to be addressed, don’t you think?

What exciting things is God doing in your life right now? Can you share some words of encouragement with your readers following this great series?

God’s doing a whole host of things here in Seitz world. J I gave birth to child number two – Ella Christie – this past October. I’m biased, but I think she’s adorable and as close to perfect as we get this side of Heaven. Our family is now in the research stage of adopting a little one from Ethiopia. We’re not positive God has this for us, but we’re praying about it and amassing some facts right now. We’re also committed to a mission trip to Ethiopia in October 2010 with Christian World Foundation. This is the first foreign missions team our church has ever sent and, as the organizer of the trip, there are a TON of details for me to work through! On another front, I’ll be finished with classes at Murray State University and should receive my Master’s degree this May – praise the Lord! The publicity firm – Glass Road Public Relations – continues to do well despite the economy, which I can only say is proof that God’s in it. I’ve got a toe in the water with a production house in Hollywood to have the SI series converted into a television series (though we all know what a long shot those things are!) and my husband and I were recently asked to work with the college and career ministry at church. Yowza!

To learn more about Rebeca and her wonderful stories, please visit her website today! And stay tuned for a sneak peek at the final novel in the Sister's Inc. series....Perfect Piece!

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