Monday, February 9, 2009

Against All Odds - MY REVIEW

“Forgiveness is hard honey. But it’s what God calls us to.” (p. 44)

Monica Callahan is a brilliant woman with a stellar career as a professor, author and public speaker. Evan Cooper is a rather cynical member of the FBI’s hostage rescue team. When Cooper is sent to Monica’s door, she isn’t even a hostage. They meet under the shadow of a dangerous threat, and their journey together is one that will change both of their lives forever.

Irene Hannon’s novel, Against All Odds combines the thrilling suspense that I love with a subtle romance that blossoms as the story progresses. Both of the main characters – Monica and Coop – harbor deep hurt from their broken parental relationships, and yet it is the long-reaching effects of Monica’s father and his work that ultimately brings both she and Coop to a place in their lives where they finally understand what forgiveness is all about. Theirs is a journey that is both painful and dangerous, but one that is tailor made for the two of them and the deepest needs in both of their lives.

Once again, I’ve discovered a new author, and I am HOOKED! Irene Hannon not only weaves a suspenseful and believable tale, but beneath the surface she blends a very personal internal conflict within the lives of her characters that serves to enrich the story as a whole and makes the faith element very realistic and heartfelt. If you enjoy a romantic suspense that leaves your heart satisfied, please – purchase a copy of Against All Odds! You will be so glad you did!

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