Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cry In The Night - MY REVIEW

“Once you start down a road like that, it’s pretty hard to go back.” (p. 270)

In Colleen Coble’s fourth installment of the Rock Harbor Mysteries, it seems as if almost everyone has chosen to satisfy their hunger for financial comfort in a way that is less than honest. And if Colleen Coble had put one more twist or turn in her latest story, Cry in the Night, I don’t think my mind could have taken the strain! Talk about a mystery and a half! Folks, if you have been following the Rock Harbor Mystery series, you are in for a treat! Now, I haven’t read the entire series, but I’m telling you now, the folks in Rock Harbor, Michigan have been through some fiery trials!

Bree and Kade are two of the main characters, and they are struggling with some of the natural difficulties of a second marriage….and working through fertility issues isn’t making their way any easier. Davy (or Dave as he prefers), Bree’s son from her first marriage is still at a very impressionable age, and he stills struggles with the loss of his father. Meanwhile, Kade is facing some unsavory pressure at work in order to get some desperately needed grant money for his job. When murder and the kidnapping of infants in the area start to affect the town, the pressure begins to erupt in the most unforeseen ways!

One of the things I love about suspense of any kind is the writer’s ability to hide the bad guy in plain sight. If I’d thought about it long enough, I might have guessed it, but I didn’t – at least not until Colleen revealed the answers! I promise you there are so many inside connections in this story that anybody makes fair game to be named the bad guy! The romantic tension only drives the suspense level up a notch so that by the time you finally get to the end of the story you’re almost relieved!

Cry in the Night is a romantic suspense sure to satisfy. But hang on! It’s a bumpy ride!!

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