Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is Your Brain On Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin

This Is Your Brain on Joy is a book written by a licensed counselor, Dr. Earl Henslin, who routinely uses SPECT brain imaging - pioneered by Dr. Daniel Amen – as one of his diagnostic tools to allow him to better help his patients. Dr. Henslin uses a whole body approach to his practice, using everything from music and cinematherapy to exercise and aromatherapy to help his patients recover from their brain imbalances. He also recognizes that we must minister to our spiritual needs as well, and each area of treatment ideas includes Scriptures that are helpful.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This book is structured to teach the common man or woman the basics about brain health. Dr. Henslin takes you on a visual tour of the different areas of the brain and their functions and goes on to explain how the dysfunction in any of these areas results in harmful behaviors that affect every part of our lives. Using SPECT imaging – a nuclear scan that shows active parts of the brain – Dr. Henslin can determine which part of the brain is either over or under performing and thus eliminate some of the guesswork in treatment options available for the problem. Each area of the brain is unique in its function, and thus when it is not performing properly you have problems ranging from ADD and PMS to Bipolar, OCD and PTSD.

Dr. Henslin also includes nutritional supplements in much of his treatment, because there has been ample research done in this area to prove that our brains respond to proper nutritional balance. He also encourages exercise and just common-sense good care of your overall health …all of which contribute to brain health. The book is written in a very warm, easy-to-understand way with an almost conversational feel to it. It really is a remarkable book!

My feelings after reading the book are sort of mixed - in a good way of course. I recognize people in my life who are in desperate need of the treatment offered by Dr. Henslin, but have no easy access to anything remotely similar to the treatments he offers. That is frustrating. However, This Is Your Brain on Joy offers some great suggestions of simple things that I can do to try and get those I care for to begin the healing process. Because of this, I will do more research and try to get those I love started in a positive direction.

Brain health is quite important, and I admit I’ve given it little thought until now. I feel like I’ve been given hope, and that alone was worth the read. Joy – that is something we can all use more of in our lives! I highly recommend this book! To learn more about the book and order your own copy, please go here.

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