Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Sister's Inc. Finale is Coming Soon! Perfect Piece by Rebeca Seitz

"But what happens when someone else changes your tune? When you can't remember how to sing it or even what it sounded like?" (p. 42)

Oh, dear reader, do you know what it's like to have life go terribly wrong? Out of control? Becoming an overwhelming mess? Then you have asked yourself the same questions that Meg asks in Rebecca Seitz’ final installment of Sisters, Inc. Perfect Piece is the crown jewel of this marvelous series. With each sister's story, Seitz took the reader deeper and deeper into the lives of the Sinclair family. Perfect Piece is Meg's story, and it is one that affects the entire family.

All of us who belong to Christ have asked the Lord, "Why me?" when things go wrong. No one enjoys going through the painful trials that life often brings our way. In this story, a medical emergency throws the family into a realm of shock and harsh reality that makes each day a difficult challenge. Although each family member must cope with the sudden changes, there are some who are affected in ways that are as shocking as the medical emergency itself.

As the story develops, the characters take twists and turns in their lives that even scrapping can't seem to reach. This time their insight comes in a very unexpected, God-designed way. The results? Perfect Piece!

I totally agree with Jack by the end of the story, "...I'm learning we're not quite smart enough to write the stories He (God) writes. His have twists and turns that we wouldn't know to go after." (p. 310) Don’t miss the incredible finale to this delightful series! Your heart will be blessed, and you will better understand God's precious gift of mercy and grace!

This releases in June from B&H Fiction! Reserve your copy today!

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Scrambled Dregs said...

I'm just now reading Coming Unglued for review. Rebeca tells a good story.