Friday, February 27, 2009

Rachel's Tears - 10th Anniversary Edition

As a mother, this book is very difficult to read. My heart aches for Rachel’s parents. To read their account of that day at Columbine when so many were shot down in cold blood was so painful…so raw. I cannot imagine the terror – the hopelessness of seeing that last busload of children coming to the drop off point and realizing that Rachel was still unaccounted for. I pray I never have to know such pain.

But the hope contained in Thomas Nelson’s 10th anniversary edition of Rachel’s Tears is so powerful, so life-changing that there is no doubt in my mind that God brought eternal glory out of this dreadful tragedy. There is no way, except for the grace and strength of God, that Rachel’s friends and parents could write with such conviction about this wonderful gift that God gave the world in the life of Rachel Scott. I felt so blessed to read pages from this young lady’s journal – a testimony to God’s great love in her life and the strong desire she had to serve Him no matter the cost. I am thankful to God for allowing such rich blessing to pour from the hearts of those whose lives were forever changed at Columbine.

I did not have the opportunity to read this story when it was first released. I don’t know that I could have emotionally since I was raising toddlers at the time. Now those toddlers are teens, and they have to face this wicked world on their own terms, and the dangers are ever present. Many others have been gunned down in schools and work places across our nation since the Columbine tragedy. I am so thankful that Christ has allowed Rachel’s Tears to be such a bright light of hope in this very dark world. Without a doubt I will meet Rachel Scott in heaven one day and thank her for her faithfulness!

Please visit Thomas Nelson's website to learn more about this very special book!

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