Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Rose Conspiracy - My Review

“Because forgiveness is forever, death isn’t.” ( p. 351)

The Rose Conspiracy is a novel with many layers. Yes, it is a legal thriller complete with a high-profile murder with strange cultic ties. On the surface, this is the fast-paced, dangerous story-line that pulls you along page after page at a frantic pace. However, underneath there is family – there is heartache – and there is a deep longing for peace and wholeness. It is the second layer of this story that adds subtle depth and rich meaning for the reader.

J.D. Blackstone is hired to defend a rather flighty artist type lady –Vinnie Archmont - from murder charges that seem to involve some mysterious tie to the Freemasons and their Gnostic search for immortality. Vinnie is stereotypically weird, and her association with a mega-rich, high-ranking Freemason only serves to highlight her weirdness. All of the mystic weirdness sends J.D. Blackstone on a legal goose-chase at first. But when he meets up with the wrong end of a gun, things begin to get serious. J.D. knows without a doubt that there is more to this case than meets the eye, and he will move heaven and earth to find it!

Now, all along the way, there is dear old Reverend Lamb – J.D.’s uncle – speaking truth and meaning into the story. He reveals the mystic depths of Freemason heresy during the course of the investigation, and inadvertently gives J.D. the angle he’d been looking for all along – both in his legal case and his personal life. The story is carefully constructed to lead the reader step by step through a thrilling and satisfying tale!

So, if you think the diary of John Wilkes Booth, the Smithsonian, the Freemasons and good old fashioned greed don’t have much in common think again. And while you’re thinking…add a dash of old romance, a wounded heart and the search for eternal life and you have a brilliant story! Actually, what you have is The Rose Conspiracy! Don’t miss it!

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