Monday, December 7, 2009

Whirlwind by Robert Liparulo - REVIEWED

Whirlwind is a very appropriate name for the fifth book in Robert Liparulo’s Dreamhouse Kings series! To be honest? You will think David and Xander cannot possibly survive their experiences this time! For the first time, I was able to let go of my mother’s instinct and see the story through the eyes of David and Xander, and what a thrill it was! I KNOW why they feel compelled to continue to search the time continuum despite their Dad’s instructions. I understand WHY they are willing to risk everything to see their family reunited and rid of this bizarre house that continues to wreck havoc in their lives. Readers, hang on to your seat and get ready for the thrill ride of your life!

This time, Whirlwind explains some pretty key things about the structure of the house, the significance of David and Xander’s actions while inside other time continuums, and why Taksidian and Phemus pose such a threat. Well, actually, this still isn’t fully revealed, but you understand completely how evil their intent is toward the King family and the connection between these two evil characters. David and Xander seem to be bearing the brunt of this adventure both physically and emotionally, yet their spirits seem even braver than ever, and they never give up on each other or their family!

Whirlwind does something else different from the previous books…but I can’t tell you what it is without spoiling the fun. Suffice it to say, things are not as they appear, and the two King boys get caught up in situations you never before imagined! Of course, if you’re reading anything by Robert Liparulo you are always going to go places you never before imagined! So be prepared….the journey is nearing its finale…and you don’t want to miss a minute of the action!!

As always, Whirlwind ends with some of the main characters in extremely precarious and dangerous situations. At first, I wanted to scream in frustration when I’d reach the end of one of the Dreamhouse Kings books, despite the assurance that this was “not the end.” Now, I’m just flabbergasted that each ending only grows more and more dangerous and precarious! At this point, with only one volume left (I think!) to sort all of this out, I just don’t know how Robert Liparulo will do it!

Oh, and another thing…don’t read this at bedtime like I did!! You will either stay up too late trying to see what happens next or you’ll dream crazy dreams and keep waking up anyway. This book is NOT conducive to a good night’s sleep! Now, go and buy Whirwind! Don’t miss the fun!!

Robert Liparulo is a former journalist, with over a thousand articles and multiple writing awards to his name. His first novel, Comes a Horseman, released to critical acclaim. Each of his subsequent thrillers—Germ, Deadfall, and Deadlock—secured his place as one of today’s most popular and daring thriller writers.

He is known for investing deep research and chillingly accurate predictions of near-future scenarios into his stories. In fact, his thorough, journalistic approach to research has resulted in his becoming an expert on the various topics he explores in his fiction, and he has appeared on such media outlets as CNN and ABC Radio.

Liparulo’s visual style of writing has caught the eye of Hollywood producers. Currently, three of his novels for adults are in various stages of development for the big screen: the film rights to Comes A Horseman. were purchased by the producer of Tom Clancy’s movies; and Liparulo is penning the screenplays for GERM and Deadfall
for two top producers. He is also working with the director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Holes) on a political thriller. Novelist Michael Palmer calls Deadfall “a brilliantly crafted thriller.” March 31st marked the publication of Deadfall’s follow-up, Deadlock, which novelist Gayle Lynds calls, “best of high-octane suspense.”

Liparulo’s bestselling young adult series, Dreamhouse Kings, debuted last year with House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods. Book three, Gatekeepers, released in January, and number four, Timescape, in July. The series has garnered praise from readers, both young and old, as well as attracting famous fans who themselves know the genre inside and out. Of the series, Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine says, “I loved wandering around in these books. With a house of so many great, haunting stories, why would you ever want to go outside?”

With the next two Dreamhouse books “in the can,” he is currently working on his next thriller, which for the first time injects supernatural elements into his brand of gun-blazing storytelling. The story is so compelling, two Hollywood studios are already in talks to acquire it—despite its publication date being more than a year away. After that comes a trilogy of novels, based on his acclaimed short story, which appeared in James Patterson’s Thriller anthology. New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry calls Liparulo’s writing “Inventive, suspenseful, and highly entertaining . . . Robert Liparulo is a storyteller, pure and simple.” He lives with his family in Colorado.

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