Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letters to Darcy by Tracy Ramos - reviewed

Letters to Darcy by Tracy Ramos (Tyndale House Publishers)

Letters to Darcy originated as a blog, written by a young woman from Texas named Tracy Ramos. The blog was comprised of a series of diary entries that Tracy wrote to her unborn daughter, Darcy, over the course of approximately nine months. Early in her pregnancy, Tracy learned Darcy had a rare, terminal genetic condition known as Trisomy 18. Of people diagnosed with this disorder, about 95% die in utero, and for surviving infants who live to term, less than 10% survive their first year of life. Tracy’s response to her unborn daughter Darcy is an incredible testament to the sanctity of human life. You will walk with Tracy and Darcy through each entry and see how lovingly mom Tracy cares for her unborn child. Through her simple, honest, and intensely personal entries, Tracy beautifully and convincingly answers the question: When does life begin?


Oh, dear reader! To read this story is to experience a miracle! The love poured upon these pages is tangible and powerful! If you have ever, ever questioned the beginning of life at the moment of conception, you will never, ever question it again after reading this story! What a precious testimony of God working in the lives of His children!

I lost my first child through miscarriage, and reading this helped me to grieve this loss, but also allowed me to rejoice in the gift of life anew. I have two beautiful, healthy sons now - ages 14 & 16 - and I will love them all the better after reading this precious tribute to Darcy! Praise GOD for the gift of her life and the testimony of her family!


Tracy Ramos is a stay-at-home mother and home educator. Tracy lives in Magnolia, Texas, along with Jason, her husband of twenty years, and their six beautiful children. She will soon give birth to her tenth child, Brooklyn, in mid-November 2009. Darcy, her ninth child, has joined two other siblings in the presence of our Lord.

Tracy’s life and passion are her family. She loves spending time with them and enjoys playing games and sports, watching movies, working out, and riding her Kawasaki Ninja with her husband. She gets a rush from finding great shopping deals—even when she chooses not to buy. Tracy spends her free time reading, clipping coupons, and going on Facebook.

“I absolutely love my life. Thank you, Lord.”

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