Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Healing Sands by Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn

“When we face the worst that’s in us, somehow we become better than we are – better than we ever thought we could be.” (p.223)

Sullivan Crisp has become somehow better to me than when I first met him in Healing Stones. I’m not sure how that is really possible, though, because I adored his character from the moment I met him! Healing Sands is the third in this brilliant series by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn, and I am quite certain that God is using this series in a powerful way in many lives. Each novel in this series tackles issues common to many but courageously faced by few. I think Sullivan Crisp is going to open doors for many to face their worst self and become their better self!

Healing Sands’ central character is Ryan Coe, and she is one angry lady! As a matter of fact, when the reader first meets her she is so tightly wound she practically springs from the page! When she answers a request from her editor to photograph a crime scene her life takes a dramatic and unexpected turn that will forever alter her entire world. Meanwhile, Sullivan Crisp is establishing another sound Healing Choice counseling group while ever in pursuit of the woman who he faults for the destruction of his family. When a new counselor shows up, driving a car almost identical to his own, Sullivan Crisp’s world begins to come upended as well. As these two stories become intertwined, the reader is brought face to face with what it means to surrender everything to God. Everything.

Healing Sands included a plot line that I wasn’t expecting, and it made for an extremely satisfying and suspenseful read! Once again, the writing captivated me from the first page, and I savored every phrase, every description, every nuance of emotional struggle and worshipful surrender. Rue and Arterburn are an incredibly paired writing duo, and they reach deep into the heart of the reader throughout the story. The spiritual truths are woven seamlessly into the tale, and by the time you reach the final scene…well, satisfying seems somehow insufficient as a definition. This is just another incredibly great novel!

I highly recommend the Sullivan Crisp series to everyone who loves an engaging, emotional read! Pick up your copy HERE today!

And please, visit my friend Linda's blog and read the GREAT interview she did with Nancy Rue about this series!

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing a copy for review!


Mocha with Linda said...

I adore Nancy and loved all of these books. And for once I actually beat you to a review and an interview! LOL :-)

Nancy Rue said...

How can I even begin to thank you for such a fabulous review. Do you want to be our personal publicist? Seriously, both Steve and I so appreciate your kind words. By the way, you are quite the writer in your own right. Blessings, Nancy Rue