Monday, December 28, 2009

Terror By Night by Terry Caffey and James Pence - REVIEWED

Terror By Night is a story only God could write. He wrote it in painful, unfathomable and miraculous ways upon the life of Terry Caffey. The ever-common rebellion of Caffey’s 16-year-old daughter set in motion the most terrifying horror imanginable, leaving Terry without a family and without a home.

Though it would seem to also leave Terry without faith, instead it leaves him with unshakable faith in the sovereignty of a Holy God. Terry knew, even as he shared his story, that there would be those who would read it and doubt his motives. His actions and decisions within the year following his tragic loss might indicate a careless, unfeeling conclusion to his story. However, Terry testifies of a grace, a strength, and willingness to forgive that goes far beyond human ability.

I daresay James Pence will not soon forget the role God allowed page 348 of his novel Blind Sight to play in this drama. Lives have been forever changed because Pence was faithful to write the story God gave him to share. Terry Caffey has also faithfully shared a very painful look into the most tragic moments of his life. The testimony of God’s grace and mercy throughout the entire ordeal is evident and abundant.

My prayer is that this modern-day, Job-like story will encourage others and be a strong testimony of God’s goodness and grace. Terry Caffey sums it up this way on page 231:

In the midst of horrific tragedy: God is good all the time.

When all seems lost: God is good all the time.

When nothing in life makes sense: God is good, all the time.

When our world is spinning out of control: God is good all the time.

And because God is good all the time, we can press forward and go on with life.

A-men, Terry! A-men! Thank you for being obedient to write this story and share the truth of God’s goodness amid tragedy with others!

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Mocha with Linda said...

Great review of an amazing testimony.