Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blind Sight by James H. Pence - REVIEWED - SPECIAL GIVE AWAY!

“We live in a fallen world, Thomas. God hasn’t promised any of us an easy ride, and bad things happen. But He is sovereign, and He has promised that if we trust Him, He will bring us through those rough times. He’ll enable us to walk on the heights. And in the end, He’ll be glorified.” (p. 308)

These words are spoken by a character in Blind Sight – a character who has a vital part in one of the most insidious, dangerous groups in operation within the United States. Yet God has transformed her life, and it is through this valley of terror and possible death that she must travel to find God’s plan for her life and the lives of her children.

James Pence’s novel, Blind Sight, is amazing! To be honest, at times I found myself thinking: “You know, I bet this isn’t so far from what’s happening in our government right now!” Well, it’s possible. The story begins with Thomas Kent at a point in his life where all he wants to do is die – literally. He has lost everything in the world dear to him, and even his faith has become the object of doubt and derision. In his darkest moment he receives an email, followed by a phone message; “Save….my….children.” Suddenly he finds himself bound to a promise from years before. It is this promise that carries him into the darkest, most bizarre circumstances of his life and puts his life in grave danger.

Blind Sight is so much more than one man’s journey into the heart of danger. Along the way he encounters a woman whose past seems unforgivable. Yet it is her redemption that shines God’s light brightly into the heart of the story and changes every one else it touches. The author uses the prayer from the book of Habakkuk in an amazing way, and spins a tale that will leave you hungry for more! There is also an amazing story entitled Terror By Night that chronicles a true life story of God’s miraculous use of Blind Sight to renew a man’s faith after he suffered devastating circumstances.

The timing of this book and it’s message comes at a time in my own life that reassures me that God is still by my side, still loving me and forgiving me, guiding me and working in my life despite some rather overwhelming circumstances. Just at the moment I needed to hear God’s voice, He wraps it up in a suspense novel that He knows I will devour and delivers it right to my door! What an amazing, wonderful mighty God we serve!!

DON’T MISS THIS BOOK! Blind Sight and Terror By Night make a powerful duet of hope and grace and reassures the believer that we serve a God who loves us more deeply that we can ever imagine!!


James H. Pence is a full-time professional writer and editor living near Dallas, Texas. James is a multi-talented writer who has been published in both fiction and nonfiction. His publishers include Tyndale House, Kregel, and Osborne/McGraw-Hill. James holds a master’s degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in creative writing and journalism from Dallas Theological Seminary. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Dallas Bible College.

James is also a vocalist and gospel chalk artist, and he regularly uses his talents to share the gospel in prisons. James is the author of Blind Sight, a gripping novel about mind-control cults and coauthor (along with Terry Caffey) of the new book: Terror by Night: The True Story of the Brutal Texas Murder that Destroyed a Family, Restored One Man’s Faith, and Shocked a Nation.

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BACraig said...

The world today needs more writers like this that depend on talent rather than obscenely graphic (and empty) literary displays.

It is a pleasure to read a book that depicts the values of faith, family and hope, which I believe in.

Greenville, TX

Amber Holcomb said...

I'm glad that this story was so encouraging to you--I love it when I find a book that speaks of spiritual truths within a great story! I'd love a chance to win this gift basket. Thank you!


Giveaway Lady said...

Would love to read this!! Please enter me:) Thanks!!


Kim said...

K Carlton Willis chose the winner already....sorry it wasn't one of you guys, but thanks for commenting! Please, find a copy of this book and read it!