Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sheriff's Surrender by Susan Paige Davis - REVIEWED

Gert Dooley is a gem! An Annie-Oakley-type sharpshooter, she has come to live with her brother Hiram, only to find that both his wife and child are dead, and he is alone to deal with his grief. She quickly establishes herself as her brother’s right-hand in the gun-smith business and runs his home as smooth as can be. When the sheriff is found murdered, Hiram’s good friend Ethan is appointed temporary sheriff and that is when things really start to heat up!

The Sheriff’s Surrender is the first in the Ladies’ Shooting Club series. Susan Page Davis has created a wild-west/murder mystery type story that brings twists and turns to the reader with the slow, easy-going pace of a western novel. Gert’s sharp-shooting skills place her quite by happenstance as the leader of a ladies’ shooting club. The women of Fergus, Idaho want to be able to defend themselves since a killer now walks the streets of their small town. Meanwhile, Ethan and Hiram work side by side trying to put together the clues in an ever-growing series of murders and mishaps before the town is destroyed completely.

What I enjoyed about this story is that every time I thought I had a suspect pegged, the author killed them! That’s one way to keep the reader interested! The final outcome proved to be both believable and satisfying, and I loved the role the ladies of the town got to play in the final few pages. Another aspect that readers will love about this story is that there is a slow-simmering romance in the background throughout the journey, and it sets a great counter-point to the growing intensity of the mystery. The entire tale is presented in an easy-going style that fits the small western town and its eclectic group of characters.

The Sheriff’s Surrender is a terrific beginning to a series that promises to be both action-packed and a bit romantic without the intensity that makes you lose sleep at bedtime. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and recommend it to readers who enjoy a mystery with a western flare!


Susan Page Davis is the author of several novels, spanning categories such as historical, mystery, young adult, and romantic suspense. A former news correspondent, she and her husband, Jim, are the parents of six and the grandparents of five. Susan and Jim make their home in Maine.

Please, visit her website to learn about her vast array of published novels!

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