Friday, July 3, 2009

Sometimes a Light Surprised by Jamie Langston Turner - my review

Jamie Turner’s books sit proudly on my keeper shelf. Her latest book, Sometimes a Light Surprises, takes me back to a place I’ve visited before, Derby, South Carolina. Actually, not a lot of the story takes place there, but there was a very special cameo appearance of characters I’ve grown to love, and so, in a very real sense…for me this was like visiting a new neighbor just moved in to a familiar neighborhood.

Ben Buckley is a grieving widower – twenty years after the fact. The sudden death of his wife has cost him far more than he has ever realized in the years since her passing. When a young, enthusiastic, albeit under-qualified young lady interviews for a position at his company Ben finds himself behaving in ways very uncharacteristic of his normal behavior – he hires her! Meanwhile, his secretary, Carolyn decides to delve into her boss’ past in an attempt to solve some of his unresolved grief only to find that she herself has many unresolved issues of her own that must be faced.

And the young lady that Ben hires, Kelly, turns out to have far more wisdom and insight that she believes herself to possess, and the honest steadfastness of her faith becomes a greater life-changing influence upon those around her than she could ever imagine. As she enters the world of home design and retail sales, Kelly blossoms into a young woman who displays promising talent in areas unique to her and the long-held dreams of her heart. Her quiet, unassuming role in this story becomes a beautiful beacon of God’s love and faithfulness.

Sometimes a Light Surprises is about family. It is about grieving and learning to cope with the sudden changes death brings into our life. It is a story about relationships and the surprising and often-time unrealized ways that our thoughts, words and deeds impact those with whom we come in contact with. God uses the quirky, irritating, challenging and difficult people in our lives to mold us in ways that only He can. So please, don’t ever think God isn’t aware of your circumstances. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to others, for you never, ever know what God is doing in their lives.

Jamie Langston Turner understands this truth and, in her own special way creates a story that explores those areas of the heart that often remain hidden from view. Please, take time to explore this treasure – Sometimes a Light Surprises.

Please, go here to read the first chapter and then order your own copy to read and savor!


Renee said...

This one looks great. thanks

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Another awesome review of a great book!