Monday, July 27, 2009

Offworld by Robin Parrish - REVIEWED

Offworld is unlike any book I’ve read since I began my book reviewing journey. I think in today’s vernacular this would be called speculative fiction, but in my mind…well, it’s plain old fashioned science fiction. It is a wild ride that you will not soon forget either! Robin Parrish’s book explores several ideas in this very complex story. He presses around the thoughts of whether or not the events of our lives are random coincidences or whether or not they are organized with purpose by a God who loves us. He prods about the idea that people view one another through the concept of their value as a human being, and then randomly assign value based upon their knowledge or experience, or simply what they contribute to mankind. Robin Parrish explores the depths of the human soul and reveals a profound truth in a very exciting, unusual and mind-boggling way!

This journey begins among the crew of the Ares as they are attempting to return to Earth from a two and a half year mission on Mars. Commander Christopher Burke and his crew, Terry, Trisha and Owen survive a catastrophic re-entry to the Earth’s surface only to discover that the Earth is no longer inhabited. Immediately, this brave group of astronauts become soldiers on a mission to discover what has happened to the Earth’s population. They are able to determine a basic direction for their journey, but never, in their wildest dreams, could anything have prepared them for what they would face along the way.

Raw courage and sheer determination are the only things that keep this crew going throughout this fantastical journey. Early in the journey they encounter a grey-eyed street urchin that proves to be a most unexpected teacher of the human heart. Each member of the crew must face their darkest fears and their ugliest secrets along the way. Whether or not they survive is tentative at best.

Offworld stretched my mind way outside the box of reality, but it was a really great ride! I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a break from reality! (pun intended! You’ll have to read the book to understand!)

Please visit Robin's website to read the first chapter, download wallpaper and all kinds of cool stuff! Have Fun!!


Rel said...

Great review, Kim :) Looking forward to this one!

ResAliens said...

I'm going to review the book soon, but for now, I'm giving away a copy of Offworld at ResAliens Blog. Drop by and enter the drawing. Thanks, Lyn

PS @robinparrish (on Twitter) complimented your review, saying, "Yes! Reviewers actually understand what I was doing."

CeeCee said...

I enjoyed it too. Great review.