Friday, July 17, 2009

Pirate Hunter by Tom Morrisey - My Review

“This is how our Savior views repentance, and who are we to view it elsewise?” (p. 249)

WOW, and DOUBLE WOW! I’ve read Tom Morrisey before, but this…Pirate Hunter…is his most amazing tale! When you try to blend two stories, one present-day and one Eighteenth century, it would seem an impossibility. But Tom Morrisey tells the tale of Captain Henry Thatch and a young, freed slave named Ted Bascombe alongside the story of Treasure Hunter Greg Rhode and his newly discovered soul-mate and blends them so seamlessly you look forward to the end of each chapter just to see how marvelously it blends into the beginning of the next!

This is a story of treasure hunting in both the cannon-and-sword sense as well as the GPS and diving sense. However, on a much deeper and satisfying level, this is the story of everyone’s search for the ultimate treasure – forgiveness and redemption. A more unlikely gathering of characters you’ll never find than the ones that leap from the pages of Pirate Hunter. The story plot itself seems an unlikely location for spiritual truth too, but you will find it seamlessly and believably woven into the tale.

You will be drawn in from the very beginning, and by the time you reach the final chapters, you will feel the breeze on your face as the pages fly by! It is no exaggeration at all to tell you this is one of the most satisfying reads I’ve had lately. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve held my breath. I’ve rejoiced. I am one well-satisfied reader!


Mocha with Linda said...

Excellent! You are the queen of reviews!

Scrambled Dregs said...

Great review. I'm "borrowing" it to post at NR with mine and another. Rip-snorting read it was.