Friday, January 9, 2009

Rex by Cathleen Lewis

Today I have experienced a bit of sensory overload. I've been reading about a delightful young man named Rex. More specifically, I've been reading the book his mother, Cathleen Lewis wrote about her journey into the world of an autistic musical savant. Her book, Rex, is both profound and beautiful. The only child she would ever mother on this earth came to her broken with little promise that he would ever really live. How much greater God's ways are than our own! How far beyond our understanding!

God used the gift of this little boy to draw Cathleen Lewis into His love and grace and forever change her life - her very purpose for living. If I had read nothing today but the precious Reflections chapter, I would have been abundantly blessed! However, this book contains so many wonderful examples of how first one challenge, then another were overcome as Rex's mind reached a point at which it wanted to move forward. Once his musical "voice" was discovered it was as if his entire world came alive.

All along the way, Cathleen Lewis was pouring out her love and her every breath over this precious gift from God. She had to learn to trust God when it was terrifying. She had to learn to let go when she really wanted to hang on. She had to push her son in ways she never dreamed. The result? A beautiful mother/son relationship that has indeed blessed thousands around the globe. Rex's music and laughter have brightened many lives and given Cathleen a purpose far beyond anything she ever dreamed or imagined.

I want to close with a couple of thoughts from the book that sort of encapsulate the message I received upon its reading. These are life-lessons that can encourage all of us regardless of our circumstances.

Living in a constant state of uncertainty for so long grows new trusting muscles, helping to pry loose old agendas and conditioning. You either let go and trust or your body and mind fall apart over time. ( p. 233)

It was like He (God) was telling me to look past my own mind, and just trust. Hear My voice in the music. Hear each note. Don't worry about where it's going. Just hear the sound and know that it's beautiful...and know that I am God. (p 234)

What a blessing! I highly recommend this book, and hope you will pick up your copy today! I am also adding a link to the latest 60 Minutes interview that was done this past November. Watch and be blessed!

60 Minutes: Catching up with Rex


Unknown said...

oh how beautiful, those quotes - this is one I need to read !

Maddy said...

I've just finished reading it myself. I certainly think it helps to watch the 60 minutes review too.