Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Gift of Psalms - devotional and audio CD's

The Gift of Psalms is the latest release in The Word of Promise audio series. I have to say, I was unfamiliar with this concept until I read a very touching review about it on my friend Deena’s blog. Now, having experienced this audio version of God’s word for myself, I must say it is very beautifully done!

In this particular volume, the Psalms appear on the left-hand page, followed by a very encouraging devotional and prayer on the right-hand page. There are fifty Psalms included in the book, and because of the layout design, the full Psalms is not included on several pages. I think it would be a big blessing to read the full Psalms as you consider the thoughts found within the devotional pages. That way you can be blessed by all of God’s promises within their full context.

The CD’s that accompany the book not only include the scripture reading, but the devotional as well. This would be perfect for someone who is on the road a lot and could use their drive time to listen to and dwell upon the promises of God found in the Psalms. I appreciate Carl Amari, CEO of Falcon Picture Group, for pursuing this project and bringing God’s Word to life in a way that will reach an entirely new audience. And while it might be easy to become skeptical of those chosen to do the reading, I choose to believe that God’s Word is powerful and living and can speak to the hearts of those chosen to dramatize His promises. It is very possible that lives will be eternally changed through this project.

The Gift of Psalms is a gift in the truest sense. It is beautifully presented, and I think the inclusion of the CD’s will appeal to many. This would make a tremendous gift of encouragement for anyone, and I appreciate Thomas Nelson for bringing this project to life. Pick up your copy here today!

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