Sunday, January 4, 2009

Faith N Fiction Saturday - Better Late than Never!

This Week's Question:

What are your reading goals for the new year? Do you have plans to read through the Bible or complete any Bible studies? Do you hope to expand your reading horizons or reread some old favorites? Do you want to read more fiction or non-fiction? Do you want to increase the amount of Christian fiction you read? Do you have any goals for reading as it relates to your blog?

Sorry for being late on this Amy, but we were enjoying our final family gathering yesterday! This question sort of ties in to what I was asking my readers yesterday. I have finally gotten slightly comfortable in this read/review mode, but I want to make sure those who take time to stop by my blog are satisfied with what they find there. I have been offered more opportunities to expand both my fiction and non-fiction offerings, and I am trying to make the most of those. I want to make a more concentrated effort to do more author interviews as well. I just stand amazed at the mighty things God is doing in the lives of those who work so hard to produce the great books we enjoy!

My main goal is to just offer the best effort I can to really read and relay the message of the books I am able to review. I want to be fair, honest and open with both my readers and the authors/publicists who send their books to me for review. I have an idea floating around in my mind for something "new" to offer, but so far, it's still just an idea. You guys pray that the Lord will show me exactly what He would like me to do as a book reviewer and a blogger. I do tend to lean more heavily toward fiction, but I want to stretch my abilities and really try to grasp genres like fantasy a bit better. I also want to learn all I can about this fabulous industry and how I can best serve to get the word out!

I'm looking forward to the new year, and to getting to know my fellow bloggers better too! I think we make a great team!

In His Service,

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Amy said...

Don't worry about being late, you can post whenever you have the time...I look forward to your ideas for the new year and more well written reviews. :)