Monday, January 26, 2009

My Review of The Red Siren by MaryLu Tyndall

God help me. Is there any pain worse than the betrayal of a friend? Then he remembered how the Lord had been betrayed by all His dearest friends – those who had sworn their love and loyalty to Him. How did you bear it Lord?” (p. 293)

Her red hair is like a flame that draws the moth to the fire. Her spirit, turned away from God in the face of personal tragedy, longs to be as free and independent as the waves that crash upon the bow of her pirate vessel. Faith Wescott is a force to be reckoned with, and she has no intention of becoming enslaved through marriage to a man who has no use for her other than his physical pleasure. Faith Wescott has vowed to protect and provide for her sisters, as well as her own heart, and she will not be deterred!

Yet Faith didn’t consider that God’s ways are higher than her ways, and she never expected to encounter Dajon Waite, Captain of on of the Royal Navy’s vessels and promised to rid the South Carolina waterways from all its pirates – including her! And thus begins the most exciting, satisfying adventure you have ever embarked upon the written page! Ahhhh!! M.L. Tyndall is in completely in her element and weaves a tale that will leave you breathless – first with anxiety, then with satisfaction, then with anxiety again!

Her romantic tension will keep you reading at a frantic pace, and as the tale draws to its final chapters…well, let me just urge you not to read this at bedtime! You will lose sleep! The Red Siren is filled with broken hearts, broken dreams, redeemed souls and ransomed lives. Though filled with adventure, betrayal and deception, the story comes to an incredibly satisfying and believable conclusion. Please, don’t wait a moment! Go! Purchase your copy of The Red Siren today! And don’t despair when you reach the final pages..there is more to come from this very talented writer!

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