Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Christian Writer's Market Guide 2009 by Sally Stuart

From the publisher:
For 24 years running, the Christian Writers’ Market Guide has remained the most comprehensive, complete, essential, and highly-recommended resource for Christian writers, agents, editors, publishers, publicists, and those teaching writing classes. And it’s the tool for both for beginners and industry veterans.

This perennial guide contains a variety of indexes–listed by topic, alphabetical listing of publishing houses and agents, and more–to more than 1,200 markets. Those markets include greeting cards and specialty writing, e-book and traditional book publishing (32 new listings), and periodicals (52 new). Also listed are 96 literary agents, more than 100 new writing resource listings, and 166 contests (29 new).

As with the guide for the last couple years, a CD-Rom is included and contains the text of the book for simple, electronic searches. But the 2009 Guide is handier–a more reder-friendly page count with 100 pages or so of traditional content (like indexes and contest listings) now exclusively on the CD-Rom.

Readers will get the same trusted content, though, as in years past. In fact, the latest information on more than 100 editors and publishers, conferences, writers’ groups, and more are not only listed and indexed in the book, but this year, readers will get a code in the book and on the CD-Rom for accessing more updates through the year on author Sally Stuart’s web site, www.stuartmarket.com.

If it is your intent to become published in the Christian market, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, children's book, magazine articles of anything in between, you absolutely MUST have a copy of this book! Sally Stewart updates this writing tool annually, and you can be sure that this market listing is current and complete. This year's edition includes the guide on CD as well as a complete listing of writer's groups and support networks to assist you in polishing your craft.

The Christian Writer's Market is a professional publication that includes lists of agents, writer's conferences, professional organizations and even denominational listings. The lists are put together in a variety of formats to make it easy to target your specific audience and enhance your opportunity to become published in this very vibrant market!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has the gift of writing and feels like the Lord is leading them to have their work published.


Scrambled Dregs said...

thanks, girl. btw I borrowed Mel Odom's Blood Lines review for NR.

so thanks again. : )

Mocha with Linda said...

Great review! I was really amazed at the info in this book!

Hey - I can't find your email. Can you email me? Thanks!