Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Writing down what is ugly

Last night I had someone tell me that when they looked at what they had written down about themselves, it was just "too ugly" and they had to throw it away. I have thought about that statement over and over today, and I can only conclude one thing...but for the blood of Christ, our lives would indeed be "too ugly" for God to look upon. But because of His finished work on the cross, God can look at each of His children and love and cherish us as His own! How wonderful is that?

So I take great comfort in the fact that while I may not enjoy looking at my own faults and wrong choices, and I may not want anyone else to look into my life close enough to see all of my mistakes, God looks upon me and sees a redeemed soul that bears the image of His Son! Praise God!! It is my prayer that I begin to look more and more like Him to those around me!

Be blessed by this promise!

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