Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, I finished reading the parenting book!

I'm not much on "self-help" books, but the advanced copy of Drs. Les and Leslie Parott's upcoming book "What Kind of Parent do you want to be?" was pretty good. It is set up in short chapters that can be read in any order. Each chapter contains clear, concise definitions of the character trait being discussed as well as self-tests and discussion questions. Based on their research and information, I'm a better parent than I thought (raising boys, you always wonder!), but I could work on my patience and being more intuitive about my children's feelings. The only negative for me personally was the fact that this couple feels the need to get away from their children to discuss them, which I thought was kind of odd. They preface their own get-aways with the fact that a get-away is not necessary, but....Oh well, they know a lot about this mystery role called parenting, and they are wise enough to encourage us all to lean on God and depend on Him to fill in the gaps that we inevitably leave in the raising of our children. This book will be available next month.

I'm re-reading Jan Karon's Mitford series right now (I'm on book 5) in preparation for her newest book to be released in October! I'm a huge fan of the Mitford books, and I feel like those folks are old friends! I can't wait for the first book in her Father Tim series! And the flip-side of my reading schedule includes books 2 and 3 in John Aubrey Anderson's Black or White Chronicles. If you haven't read this series....go get a copy! They are terrific!!

I'm rejoicing today in the promises of God's presence found in Psalms 139. I encourage everyone to read and re-read that chapter! Then, just sit back and soak up His presence!

Happy Reading!

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