Friday, September 21, 2007

Standing your matter who is watching.

I received an email from a friend who has someone from her local community participating in the new Survivor: China television show. Well, I didn't see the show, but apparently the participants were asked to enter a temple and bow to Budda upon their arrival. This lady is a Christian, and she simply walked out. In explanation she told the viewers that the Bible tells her not to bow to graven images, and she was going to be obedient to God's word!

I was reminded of an incident in my own life when my husband had to stand before a crowd and refuse to drink an alcoholic toast in the name of "tradition". He refused to live one way before his co-workers during the week, and then behave differently during a gala event in the name of "tradition" on the weekend. He paid a high price for standing his ground, but I was never more proud of him for defending his personal testimony as a Christian.

This choice spills over into all areas of our life. What we watch on television, what we read for recreation and what we listen to on the radio....all these things tell the world around us who we are and who we belong to. My reason for starting this blog is to take a close look at Christian fiction and be honest with folks about whether or not God's glory is reflected in the books sitting on our shelves. In today's world, I think it is very important that we be bright lights for those around us! So go into this weekend mindful of your testimony. May all we say, and do, and write, and read....honor and glorify the mighty God we serve!!

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