Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leaving Yesterday by Kathy Cushman - MY REVIEW

Yesterday is a place where regrets reside. No one living in this world has ever left all of their yesterdays behind without wishing for some things to be different. Kathryn Cushman’s latest novel, Leaving Yesterday, is a story about a family whose yesterdays are filled with overwhelming heartache. As the plot unfolds, each member of this family must accept their role in the mistakes that have been made and choose to walk forward into tomorrow with hope.

Hope is something the Stewart family knows little about when Leaving Yesterday opens. The family has already suffered the devastating loss of a child, and they now live in the hell created by the addiction of another child. Alicia and Rick’s marriage has dissolved beneath the load of tragedy, and the entire family clings tenaciously to each new day by nothing more than sheer determination.

When hope comes shining through, in the form of a phone call from their son Kurt announcing his admission into a drug rehab program, the Stewart family begins to take small steps back toward each other. However, these small, tentative steps toward normalcy suddenly take a dark and dangerous turn. How far will this family go to protect this fragile new beginning?

Kathryn Cushman’s story is a haunting look at the difficult choices life brings to us. An unexpected tragedy, addiction, marital strife – these and many other situations place every Christian into the crucible of choice. As Christians, we trust our faith to bear us up and carry us through until we reach the other side of our particular sorrow. However, our sinful humanity often rises up against what we know is right, and sometimes leads us to face the heartache and penalty of wrong choices. Kathryn looks at this scenario through the desperate eyes of a parent whose child is lost in the horror of addiction. Nothing could be more difficult or timely!

Leaving Yesterday takes the reader through a very believable set of circumstances, and the ending is both hopeful and satisfying without leaving everything tied into a neat little package. Wrong choices come with consequences, and Kathryn Cushman does an excellent job of reflecting that truth without crushing the hope of a better tomorrow. This was a beautifully painful story to read, and one that I will be sharing with others! Pick up your copy today!


Kathryn Cushman is a graduate of Samford University with a degree in pharmacy. After practicing as a pharmacist, she left her career to marry and begin a family and has since pursued her dream of writing. Leaving Yesterday is her third novel. Kathryn and her family currently live in Santa Barbara, California. Visit Kathryn's Web site at

A Special thanks to Bethany House Publishers for providing me the opportunity to review this book!

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