Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bo's Café by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol and John Lynch - REVIEWED

“We’re an entire population with spinach in our teeth and no one to tell us.” (p.31)

No one is comfortable talking about their personal failures, shortcomings or private sins. Bo’s Café is a safe place, a unique place, a place filled with grace and a place where Christ’s love is lived out among friends and strangers. Bo’s Café is a place where “…where I can tell you my garbage so you can enter in and stand with me in the solution of it.” (p.120) Dear reader, Bo’s Café is a picture of God’s grace poured out upon imperfect, broken lives through the living, trustworthy friendships between people who accept one another just as they are.

Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a fantasy novel? Think again. Bo’s Café is a story about a man who has lost himself trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. He, in turn, has brow-beaten those he loves in an effort to make them become who he wants them to be. When this vicious cycle comes to an explosive climax, grace in introduced in the unlikely form of an old family friend with a really cool old car.

From the moment the reader is introduced to the characters of this story, you feel the magnetic pull of reality. You immediately recognize yourself in the behaviors of the people, and you wonder if you are living behind the same mask of falsehood. As the story unfolds and truth is revealed, you fall in love with Christ all over again, and realize that He has loved you all along – even in your incredibly hard-hearted blindness.

In short, Bo’s Café is a kind of miracle. Its message is real, dead-on honest and will touch the lives of all who open their hearts to read its message. It’s that good. It’s really hard for me to put all of this into meaningful sentences. All I can say is – read Bo’s Café. You’ll find God’s grace all over the pages and you will come away changed. After this, I encourage you to run to God’s Word and bathe your heart in the glorious promises of grace!

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Bruce said...

Kim, an authentic review about the same subject of authenticity in Bo's Cafe. You're a good writer. Thank you for this sterling review. If this sounds helpful to you, I think your words would help many on Amazon, (even though Walmart still carries best prices on Bo's Cafe) Catch off line on facebook, Bruce (Bo's Cafe, co-author)

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. I had not even heard of this book. Love the quote you pulled out! Incredible review. I'll definitely be looking for this one.