Saturday, October 10, 2009

Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom - MY REVIEW

“In the beginning there was a question. In the end, the question gets answered. God sings, we hum along, and there are many melodies, but it’s all one song - one same, wonderful, human song.

I am in love with hope.” (p.249)

Mitch Albom, New York Times best-selling author, known for his Tuesday’s with Morrie book and film, has written a book that made the #1 spot on the best-sellers list as it was released. That’s pretty powerful writing. Pretty heady fame. Pretty intoxicating recognition. Have a Little Faith is the title of this powerful little hardback, and I was given an opportunity to read and explore its contents and asked to share my thoughts. I had to explore Mitch Albom a bit before putting things together. He’s not a believer, and knowing that gave me a slight understanding of his perspective.

To be honest, I debated even writing a review at all. I don’t want to be perceived as judgmental and shallow since, after all, I’m just a blogger. Well, that’s not a right approach either. See, I am a child of the King. I am precious to my Savior. I have hope for tomorrow and I know when I leave this earth I will spend eternity with the Christ who died for me. I think then, that perhaps I can offer some insight that might be helpful to someone trying to decide whether or not to spend their money on this volume.

Have a Little Faith chronicles Mitch Albom’s relationship with two men – his former rabbi, or “the Reb” and a pastor of a church in Detroit that ministers to the homeless. Albom’s rabbi asks him to write his eulogy eight years before he ever passes from this world, so that gives Albom ample time to sit down with this man and develop friendship and a deep relationship that explores faith as though it were some bug under a microscope. His long talks with the Rabbi cause Mitch to explore other faith practices ranging from Buddhism and Mormonism to Hindus and Quakers. Apparently he determines we are all on different paths to the One God and it makes no difference how we get there as long as we have a little faith.

Alongside “the Reb” Albom chronicles the life of a pastor who spent many years of his life as a crack and heroin addict and drug dealer before giving his life to the Lord. Transformed, he now spends his life serving others in a church with a huge hole in the roof. Fascinated that anyone would choose to minister in such conditions, Mitch begins spending time with the people of I Am My Brother’s Keeper ministries. Regardless of the transforming power evidenced in the lives of those introduced to Christ, Albom still determines only that what happens there is just the “right thing to do”. He is, in his own words, “in love with hope” yet the reader is left with the distinct impression that the author doesn’t know where to turn so that hope can be fulfilled nor where true purpose and peace reside.

To me, that is sad. I was left with the impression that, yes, I’d read a sweet story of friendship, but rather than being left feeling hopeful…I was left feeling like I’d been sucker punched by a cynic. I DO have hope! It resides in the saving power of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that one day Mitch Albom will know this same hope too.

I appreciate the opportunity to look at this book, as I am reminded to examine how I share the truth of Jesus Christ and the salvation offered through His death on the cross. Do I live my own faith so effectively that I reach the cynics-seeking-hope in my own world? Food for thought. My prayer is that I can be a bright light for truth and hope fulfilled to everyone I come in contact with.


Mocha with Linda said...

Great review, Kim. (I've got to come up with a new way to say that! LOL)

I think the folks I grieve over the most are the ones like this, who are so close yet so far.

LGA said...

Since you've read Mitch Albom's HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, you know Pastor Henry Covington - one of the two main characters Albom profiles in his latest book. Henry recently appeared at a benefit event held in Detroit for the HAVE A LITTLE FAITH book release. You have to check out this video.'ll need Kleenex!

There are other videos on the page, too, from the same event: Anita Baker, legendary Detroit Tigers baseball announcer Ernie Harwell, Dave Barry and Mitch Albom.

Now you'll have a face to go along with the name! Check it out!