Sunday, October 11, 2009

Double Cross by James David Jordan - REVIEWED

“ I suppose the ditch that separates pain and pleasure is more like a narrow crevice. Sometimes it’s small enough that a person can step back and forth over it, or even straddle it for a while.” (p. 200)

Taylor Pasbury is a woman whose life has been filled with painful lessons - addiction, the loss of parents, a close friend’s tragic and sacrificial death…so many burdens for a twenty-nine year woman to bear. Double Cross provides the reader a second visit with Taylor and her life as a private security provider for highly visible individuals. In James Jordon’s first novel, Forsaken, Taylor’s job ended in the loss of one of her closest friends, but it also provided her with a powerful example of grace. As Double Cross opens, Taylor is attempting to re-establish her life and her job when she is faced with tragedy once again. Sorting through deception, loss and the unexpected renewal of a relationship she thought lost to her, Taylor once again finds herself in a deadly race against time to solve a crime before she loses those she loves all over again.

Taylor Pasbury is still one of the most emotionally damaged human beings to ever grace the pages of fiction. Although she learned about grace in the last novel, she still views those who name the name of Christ with a healthy dose of skepticism. She has established a close friendship with the daughter of Simon Mason, and Kacey provides a delightful contrast to Taylor’s angst even though she is also reeling from a huge emotional loss. When these two women discover what appears to be a suicide they both recognize immediately that there must be more to the grizzly scene than meets the eye.

Rather than leave well enough alone, Taylor and Kacey begin to search for the truth, and their search leads them into the heart of duplicity. Along the way, Taylor must sort through the emotional fog of her past, and attempt to make sense of a very unexpected renewal of a relationship lost to her some twenty years ago. The contrast of suspense, emotional upheaval and the raw longing to understand and accept her own worth, place Taylor into one of the deadliest situations she has ever faced. Will she learn what it means to love sacrificially? Will she ever accept the fact that she too is worthy of God’s grace?

James David Jordan has written another fantastic novel, and I strongly recommend that you introduce yourself to his work today! You can enjoy Double Cross as a stand-alone novel, but it will be much more meaningful if you read Forsaken first. You can read my review of Forsaken HERE. Don’t miss these fantastic novels by James David Jordan!

I appreciate B&H publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this novel! Visit their website today!

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