Wednesday, October 28, 2009

eye of the god by Ariel Allison - REVIEWED

“So, Alligator food, huh?” (p. 348)

By the time you reach the end of Ariel Allison’s novel, eye of the god, you will have a list of people that should be used as alligator food! Honestly! If you can imagine James Bond mixed up with the most fascinating and true story of the world’s most infamous diamond, you can begin to imagine what reading eye of the god must be like! Truth and fiction blend upon the pages as the story moves from past to present and back again weaving a tale of intrigue you won’t soon forget.

Ariel Allison’s novel begins with an unusual concept of a band of thieves that steal the world’s most valuable pieces of art and jewelry. The methods they use are unusually brilliant and enable them to steal the treasures in almost plain view of the owners. The higher the stakes the higher the creativity! When the Hope Diamond becomes the focus of these mysterious collectors the diamond’s mysterious and cursed past is brought to the forefront. Will the collector’s dare to brave the diamond’s history? Are they willing to risk life itself to own this lovely blue gem?

The gem’s protector at the Smithsonian, Dr. Abigail Mitchell, finds herself in the crosshairs of this incredible jewel heist although she isn’t aware of it at the time. Or is she? See, Dr. Mitchell has some rather mysterious ties to a couple of people that don’t quite fit into the picture just right. Then there’s her dad who is the source of unending emotional pain who always shows up at the worst possible moments! The poor lady finally falls in love just before she has to host the world’s largest celebration and fund-raising event in honor of the Hope Diamond, and what poor timing that turns out to be!

Dear reader, if you enjoy a tale with so many twists and turns that you are practically dizzy by the end of the story, then please, go to the nearest bookstore and by Ariel Allison’s eye of the god! You will think you’ve landing right in the middle of a James Bond movie! Although it the spiritual element of this story is quite weak, the story is great fun, and I eagerly await the next novel from this writer’s pen!

Many thanks to Abingdon Press and the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my reading copy of this great book!


Ariel Allison is a published author who lives in a small Texas town with her husband and three young sons. She is the co-author of Daddy Do You Love Me: a Daughter’s Journey of Faith and Restoration (New Leaf Press, 2006). Justin Case, the first of three children’s books will be published by Harvest House in June 2009. Ariel is a weekly contributor to and has written for Today’s Christian Woman. She ponders on life as a mother of all boys at and on her thoughts as a redeemed dreamer at

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