Monday, August 12, 2013

It's All True by Jeff Slaughter - REVIEWED

About the Book: (from Skyhorse Publishing)
Jeff Slaughter is known throughout the world for both his amazing passion in worship leadership and his awe-inspiring lyrics, estimated to have been sung by forty-six million children worldwide. Yet, what’s less known about Jeff Slaughter is the tough journey of heartbreak and loss, joy and victory that led him to a place where he could finally share his remarkable story.

It’s All True reveals both the tragedy and triumph of Jeff Slaughter’s life. Readers will no doubt draw encouragement and great strength from the story of a man who, despite difficult circumstances, has always found God to be right there with amazing grace, seeing him and his family through all obstacles. When Jeff tells such stories as witnessing his fourteen-year-old niece’s tragic death at a family Labor Day picnic and the lost battles with cancer fought courageously by both his parents, the reader will feel his pain. Yet, the reader will also experience joy through the many humorous moments of Jeff’s life and the new path God has blazed for him. Through it all, some of his most touching and meaningful songs have come from those experiences, including the song entitled “It’s All True,” which has provided the theme for Jeff’s life.

My Thoughts:

Two of the things I loved the most were being taken from me.” 

This is what you thought you were always wanted…but, I made you for more than this.

Sometimes it takes time for God to reveal something that’s better for us then what we have in mind for ourselves.”

You know when my highlighter begins to bleed, and the pages of my book have more color than white left behind, I know I have found a book that will impact my life for all time.   It’s All True is one of those books, and by the end of the first chapter I was weeping and praising God all at the same time!

Jeff Slaughter has written a transparent book that shares much of his own life and the way the Lord speaks into his life intimately and purposefully.  Actually, God has used this book to speak into my life!  Don’t you love it when that happens?

I am very excited to share this book with everyone and encourage everyone to read this book and open  your heart to receive the many blessings contained within!  I truly believe the Lord will do great things in many lives with It’s All True.  I know I will never, ever forget this powerful book and the truth it contains!

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