Monday, August 26, 2013

A View from Clay Crosse's Window - Rededication!

Clay Crosse was an unexpected God-appointment in my life.  When I listened to the words from songs off his latest album - Rededication - I knew without a doubt that this would be an interview that would impact my life in significant ways.  I was right.  God is faithful to bring us His message in a variety of ways, and I think He takes joy when He surprises His children with a fresh message from an unexpected source.

Clay Crosse humbly yet boldly declared God's faithfulness in his life, and it is my privilege to share his thoughts with you here today.  Join me as I welcome Clay Crosse and share a view from his world.

Me:  How did God direct the timing of the release of your latest project, Rededication

Clay:  Since I am an independent artist there are several elements that must come together to release a new recording project – finances, people to help produce the songs, people willing to help with the music – when all of those elements come together like they did for this album, I know it was anointed by God and He made the way clear and possible for the message of Rededication to be released to the public.

Me:  You also recently released a book entitled Dashboard Jesus.  Was Rededication timed to release alongside this book?

Clay:  Both projects did release in quick succession.  I believe God  will use both of these projects to reach people with the message He needs them to hear.

Me:  You’ve written both songs and books.  How are these processes different for you?

Clay:  Music is a gift from God in my life, and to me it is second nature – like breathing.  Writing a book requires more muscle on my part.  The message is just as powerful and it is an opportunity to reach others that I don’t take lightly.  God gives me His message and whether I write music or words I have to release the message God has given me. 

Me:  In addition to your songwriting and book releases, you and your wife also direct Holy Homes ministry.  Tell us briefly about your work with Holy Homes.

Clay:  We travel to church services and conferences encouraging Christian couples to keep God on the throne of your life and at the center of your marriage.  We want to break down the walls between ourselves and others, and we want to share what God has done in our marriage.

Me:  I’m a fan of old hymns, and when I listened to the title track – Rededication – I couldn’t help but
remember the words to the hymn “Come Thou Fount.”  “Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.”  Why is it so easy for Christians to wander when it is possible to find all we need in Christ and His word?

Clay:  It’s called faith for a reason – the world is right in our faces all of the time with TV and social media.  We have to be purposeful in seeking God.  We all get busy and that business crowds out God’s voice and directionout of our lives.  We need to be purposeful in seeking God daily and never allow ourselves to get out of touch with God.

Me:  Here is a phase from the song entitled, “I Rest In You" :  “Every moment, every minute, Oh God I know you’re in it.  Even when the way’s unclear, I know  You’ll see my through.  I rest in You.”  Again, you beautifully illustrate the direction and strength found in Christ alone.  Why do Christians remain so resistant to surrendering their lives to God’s will? What would you say to encourage other believers to stay the course?
Clay:  I think people have a wrong view of surrender.  Instead of looking at surrender as something negative and weak, believers should look at surrender as something positive and strengthening.  Surrender means victory for the Christian!  We surrender to follow Christ and accept His strength.

Me:  I’d like to share some thoughts from a few other songs on the album:
Vessel:  “You always overflow this empty well.  I’ll be yours.  I’ll be your vessel.”
Waving a White Flag:  “I’m waving a whit flag – It’s gonna be different this time – It’s gonna be Your way not mine.”
When I Lift My Hands: "When I lift my hands, I'm reaching for heaven and I call out Your name.  I surrender everything and all that I do when I lift my hand to You." 

Surrender remains the beautiful theme that ties the songs together and bring people fully into worship.  Why do you think that it is difficult for believers to enter fully into worship and submit when they find it so easy to scream and shout and fist pump at a sports event?

Clay:  You can’t worship without becoming vulnerable.  You have to be able to cry out to God and you can only do that when you are willing to be honest and open before Him.  You can’t worry what people will think.  You have to push pride out of the way – uncertainty out of the way – and become honest and open before God.

Me:  Do you have any closing words of encouragement to share with fans of your music and your books?

Clay:  God has changed my life and He will change your life too.  God is part of every moment of our lives and if you will rededicate your life to Christ He will become the central focus of your life.  Your relationship with Him is the most important relationship you will ever have.

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