Friday, August 30, 2013

A View from Karen Jensen's Window - Why God Why?

To speak with Karen Jensen is as refreshing as anything I've ever experienced in life!  She is a warm, encouraging person that laughs easily and often.  She is very solidly grounded in God's Word, and she speaks with authority and with a realistic and practical perspective on life and living it to the full!

I hope you will join me as we discuss her book, Why God Why?  I know you will be challenged and blessed as you "press into God."

Me: “Ask your questions, put them on the back burner and then keep cooking of the front burners of your life by doing what you know to do.  Keep moving forward with God because He never changes even when everything else does.”  (p. 44)

Karen, tell me, was this “front burner” idea original or was is suggested to you as you began to work on this book?

Karen: I was asked to fill in for a church whose pastor had died suddenly.  I guess they thought I would understand because of the sudden loss of my husband.  I decided to speak about the questions people have in the face of sudden and tragic loss.  I think people are afraid to ask the hard questions, but they shouldn’t be afraid, because He’s your Father.  He has the answers anyway, so He is the one you should ask.  These questions don’t  come between you and your Father.

When things like this happen, and they do, you must put your questions aside and focus on the things you know to do.  You must become the CFO of your thoughts.  You can choose what you think about and what you focus on.  Your mind can’t just stop thinking about something and start thinking about something else.  You must purpose what you focus on.  There is no plan B, you just choose to go with God’s other plan A.  The Scripture says everything that happens in the life of God’s children of for our good and His glory.
We must wait in faith, and we can’t do that without the Word!  Read John 10:10, read 2 Corinthians 2:14.  Draw strength from God’s Word.

Me: How did God work through your husband’s unexpected death?

Karen:  My children benefitted academically and financially because of the job God provided for me, writing for a Christian College.  This was His provision, but it was still very hard at times.

Me: Let me quote from page 44 of your book: “When prayers get answered differently can you trust Him?  Does He still have purpose for you?  I believe He does, but if you quit you will never find out what it is.  If you camp out in the land of hurt and questions you will never get to your promised land.”
Can you expound on this thought?

Karen: You simply must break camp and move out of that camp.  God doesn’t mean for us to live there.

Me: You share a story about your friend, Jeff, who suffered a tragic accident at 18 years of age and lost his right arm.  He went on to graduate college and bible school and has been an encouragement to others throughout his life.  You quote him on page 46: “No matter what is happening in your life today, there are plenty of great tomorrows in your future.”  How has Jeff inspired you?

Karen: I am always amazed and encouraged by what God is doing in Jeff’s life.   He just won another golf tournament!  He chooses to live life to the fullest.  Yes, he has some down days, but he always returns to God’s Word.   And I cannot stress how important this is! I always want to direct readers back to God’s Word!  You need to speak the Word, keep it ever before you, write it down in your own words.  Choose to believe God and not your circumstances.

Me: There is another statement on page 64 that I want to ask you to expound on:  “Oh, I’m not alone.  The Holy Spirit and all the angels go with me every step of the way.  It’s a crowd everywhere I go!”  I love this!! I actually said something similar to my mom just the other day!

Karen: It is the truth! You are never alone if you belong to God.  The Holy Spirit dwells within you, and you have others praying for you and seeking God on your behalf.  It is a great place to rest in and feel safe in.  And when you go to the Word, you should meditate on it until it becomes more real than any loneliness you face.  Allow God to work His supernatural strength in you through His Word.

Me:  On page 76 you ask a very scary question: “I was a wife.  What am I now?”  Can you speak to women whose circumstances and roles in life have changed dramatically?

Karen:  It is a scary question, because women spend their lives thinking of and caring for others.  When you find yourself asking this question, I would encourage women to do something they love every day.  You will have to develop a new vision.  You get that vision by going to God’s Word.  All of us face seasons in life, so just hang on!  If you don’t like the season you are it, it will change.  If you do like the season of life you are in, it will change!  Everyone has to re-evaluate life for each season.  The good news is, that the Bible has the instructions we need for every season!

Me: On page 89 you tell readers: “You press into God because you’re in trouble, and He answers.  But of course you could have learned the lesson at hand without being sick or in trouble.”  Can you explain how to “press into God?”

Karen: God’s Word is alive and active.  I can’t really convince anyone of anything.  People can’t really argue with my story and the loss I’ve experienced.  So I start by telling them that God loves them and that He has given them His Word as a lamp to their feet and a light to their path.  None of us should be surprised then trouble comes.  We should just live ready by staying full of God’s Word.

And don’t let people steal my joy and peace.  I can’t allow my circumstances or what others say steal my joy.  And if I’m holding fast to the Word of God, I won’t sink down into that temptation.

Karen and I ended our time together in prayer, and I have to say to you, that you will never know how much our time together meant to me!  Her book is filled with truth from God’s Word, real life experiences and Key Front-Burner truths that will strengthen and encourage you!  I hope you will consider getting to know this precious lady and pick up your own copy of Why God Why?  Today!  You will be blessed!!

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