Monday, October 29, 2012

Undaunted by Josh McDowell - REVIEWED

About the Film:
Undaunted—both the book and  movie—chronicles the riveting true story of a young farm boy named Josh who carried unspeakable memories of an alcoholic father and a farmhand’s abuse, causing him to defy God’s existence. Yet God redeemed a horrible situation with his unbelievable grace. Today Josh McDowell is one of the most popular evangelists in the world who defends the reality of Jesus Christ to millions through his presentations and classic book More Than a CarpenterUndaunted unfolds the dramatic spiritual transformation in Josh’s life when he faces his past head-on and puts everything entirely in God’s hands. The result is an undaunted faith, a gift freely offered to everyone who seeks it.

My Thoughts:
Sometimes, I benefit greatly by approaching a review opportunity with very little information.  I didn't even read the back cover of this DVD before I popped it in the player.  What I experienced, as a result, was something very moving, challenging and ultimately encouraging and uplifting.  I was familiar with Josh McDowell's ministry, but never dreamed what he had lived through prior to experiencing God's grace in his own life.

What a mighty God we serve!! So merciful, so powerful, so long-suffering, so loving and so tender toward His children!!  Prepare to have your heart challenged and changed as you watch this film.  It is a powerful evangelical tool as well!  I am SO THANKFUL that Josh McDowell heeded God's call! Amazing!

About the Author:

Since beginning ministry in 1961, Josh has given more than 24,000 talks to over 10 million young people in 118 countries. He is the author or coauthor of 112 books, selling over 51 million copies worldwide, including More Than a Carpenter (more than 15 million copies in print worldwide), which has been translated into over 85 languages, and The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, recognized by World magazine as one of the twentieth century's top 40 books.

Josh continues to travel throughout the United States and countries around the world, helping young people and adults bolster their faith and scriptural beliefs. Josh will tell you that his family does not come before his ministry—his family is his ministry. He and his wife, Dottie, have four children and eight grandchildren.

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net said...

Thank you for this informative post. His book, More Than a Carpenter is my favorite and I learned about that he also wrote her own bio from from this site Thank you for this post, now I know that ‘Undaunted’ has been made into a movie/documentary.I will definitely check out the DVD. Thank you!