Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1 Message a Kelly's Filmworks Production - REVIEWED

My Thoughts:
This movie is a first-person journey through the diagnosis of breast cancer and the aftermath of that diagnosis.  For Becca, a young woman who had it all by the world's standards, she finds herself homebound by choice, and a prisoner of her own fears and uncertainties.  Though her family and friends try to reach out to her, it is a stranger that sends her a message via her computer that finally gets through all of her emotional road blocks and allows her to begin the road to healing.  What she discovers on her journey will surprise and amaze everyone!

Although the technology is already old news, (sorry to mention this small detail, but even I know laptops don't notify you of a new message when you close it!) The story told within this film is very realistic and plausible.  The diagnosis of breast cancer effects everyone differently, and it really thrown Becca under the bus emotionally.  However, she does learn to accept her new normal, and  her the things that her newfound friendship reveals to her about relationship and about her own heart will really make you examine your own motives for reaching out to others.

This is a pretty long film, but the time files by.  I can't promise you that you won't shed a few tears along the way - especially at the end - but it's well worth it!! I don't get the chance to review a lot of film, but I'm certainly glad this one made its way across my path!  You will be glad as well!  And, as a bonus, part of the proceeds of the film goes toward the fight against breast cancer!  You can't go wrong with this film!

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