Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A View from Martha Bolton's Window - Josiah for President

I met Martha Bolton in Orlando at the International Christian Retail Show.  At the time, she was anticipating the release of her first novel, Josiah for President.  Well, that novel hit the shelves last week, and I'd like to celebrate that realease by sharing my interview with you now.   Please give a warm welcome, to Martha Bolton!

Tell us a little bit about your career, and the writing you’ve done prior to releasing Josiah for President. How was the idea to write a full-length novel born into your career?    I’ve written musicals based on Wanda Brunstetter’s work as well as Beverly Lewis’ work. I’ve served as a staff writer for Bob Hope, and written for Mark Lowry. I had the idea for the novel in my head, and one day, while talking with my producer, I pitched the idea. He said I should go home and write the story - right now.

Give us a brief synopsis of the story. Josiah is an Amish man who is asked to run for president. The idea goes against his Amish ways. He accepts the nomination – and wins. The office of president sets up an internal struggle that takes place throughout the novel, because he feels he’s doing what God has called him to do. Josiah has learned an important lesson in forgiveness in his own life that enables him to maintain his personal integrity before very aggressive political opponents. He says to a friend, “You hang on…and you let go. The fact that I’ve forgiven…doesn’t alter the truth. But not forgiving would alter my future.” (p289-290)

What do you hope readers will take away from this story? Josiah’s story is applicable to all of us. He remains true to himself and maintains his personal integrity. He doesn’t have to give away his whole heart…even though he has to sacrifice to follow God’s leadership…but he remains true to his beliefs.

Have you always been a writer?  I’ve been writing since early childhood. I never thought it would be a career. I started writing drama, and then went into writing comedy. Later, I wrote some political humor. Later on, I was able to marry the drama of my early writing with the skill of my comedy writing. So Josiah is the result of coming full-circle in my writing career.

Writing a novel was different from my other writing because I had to describe the scenes. I could see all of this in my head and could paint these scenes in words. Josiah was very Lincoln-like and I really like his character.

What other writing projects do you have waiting in the wings after Josiah makes his debut? I have three ideas that I’ve written up treatments for, so I hope that there are other novels in the future.

What do you do when you’re not writing? I spend time with my family and grandchildren. I have to carve out time for my writing.

What words of encouragement would like to share with other writers? To your readers? To writer’s – never give up. To my readers - trust the path God takes you on. I believe in God introductions. He plans for you to meet a person that will open a door for you to do His will for your life. Don’t map out your life by yourself…trust God and the paths He takes you on. Be aware of God introductions in your life.

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