Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Touching the Clouds by Bonnie Leon - REVIEWED

About the Book (from the publisher)

She went looking for adventure . . . and found more than she bargained for.

Kate Evans is an adventurous and independent young woman with a pioneering spirit. When she leaves her home in Washington State to follow her dream of being an Alaskan bush pilot, she knows it will be an uphill battle. But she never expected it to be quite like this. As the lone woman in a man's world, she finds that contending with people's expectations is almost as treacherous as navigating the wild arctic storms.

When she crosses paths with a mysterious man living alone in the forbidding wilderness, she faces a new challenge. Can Kate break through the walls he has put up around his heart? And will fear keep her from realizing her dreams?

Book 1 in the Alaskan Skies series, Touching the Clouds will draw you in with raw emotion and suspense, all against the stunning backdrop of the Alaskan wilds.

My Thoughts:

“But you won’t prove anything, except that you don’t have control over this territory. It controls you.” (p. 77)

The Alaskan territory had a strong pull over many lives in 1935. Much of the country was experiencing a severe drought, and the U.S. economy was in shambles. Alaska offered something new to many, and mining camps and homesteads sprung up in clusters throughout the vast wilderness.

However, it wasn’t drought or the lure of hidden wealth that brought Kate Evans or Paul Anderson to Alaska. Both Kate and Paul have decided that God doesn’t answer their prayers “when it counts,” and they want to put both physical and emotional distance between themselves and the painful memories that haunt their past. Both of these characters cling to a stubborn desire to follow only what they want to do and try their best to ignore God’s nudges in their heart and life.

While Kate’s dream of becoming a bush pilot in the Alaskan wilderness seems to be turning into a reality for her, Paul’s dream of escaping the guilt of his past is never far from his thoughts. When Paul and Kate finally meet and allow their friendship to grow, their hearts begin to open to the possibility that God does indeed care for them and has a plan for their future. Kate begins to establish many new and wonderful friendships, and Paul once again begins to consider that spending his life alone isn’t the greatest idea.

Both Kate and Paul experience unexpected trials that both strengthen their faith and their friendship, and slowly but surely their desire to follow God’s plan for their lives becomes a reality. All along the journey, the reader gets to experience the beauty and danger of living life in the Alaskan wilderness. Bonnie Leon creates warm, believable characters with great courage and spirit that will draw readers into the story and hold them captive until the very last page. She also leaves the possibility open for further development in many of the character’s lives, and the reader will eagerly anticipate the next story in this Alaskan Skies series!

This is my second book from Bonnie Leon, and I’m a hearty fan of her stories! I am happy to recommend Touching the Clouds to you!

About The Author:

Bonnie Leon is the bestselling author of more than ten historical fiction novels. She stays busy teaching women's Bible studies and speaking at writing seminars and conventions. She and her husband, Greg, live in Oregon.


Mocha with Linda said...

How did you know it was 1935? I couldn't find a date anywhere - just figured it was sometime in the '30's.

Bonnie Leon said...

Kim, thank you for featuring my book on your site. I had such a good time writing the story.

Book two is with my editor and I'm just beginning work on book three. I can't wait to get into it. I can't wait to write the final scene--I love it!



Bonnie Leon said...

Hello Mocha With Linda. There was a discussion about this very thing on another site.

Go to page eight--the date is there. :-)

Grace and peace to you,