Friday, July 9, 2010

The Cool Woman by John Aubrey Anderson - REVIEWED

“Getting’ a peek at the inside of Hell gen’lly makes most folks want to stand closer to the throne.” (p. 330)

Most folks aren’t Lieutenant Bill Mann. Readers, get ready to follow a young black airman into the mouth of hell…better known as the Viet Nam War. Bill Mann has always dreamed of flying, and as he reaches out to take hold of his dream, he finds that there is more than one battle raging in this world. John Aubrey Anderson explores each aspect of the wars Lieutenant Mann must engage in as he takes to the skies in his latest novel, The Cool Woman.

Bill Mann was a character introduced to readers in one of the Black or White novels, so if you’ve read those books, there is some subtle depth to the story that you might not understand. Yet the story itself stands alone rather strongly as we watch this young airman enter a very difficult time in his life. Mann discovers the woman of his dreams just before leaving for Viet Nam, and thus he enters the theater of war a happily married man. From the outset, the characters in the story are carefully and strategically placed to reveal what John Aubrey Anderson does best – reveal God’s presence in every circumstance of our lives! Every moment and every event in Bill Mann’s life becomes pregnant with purpose, especially when those who love and know him best are storming heaven’s gates on his behalf. Although Bill is struggling with racism and a host of other obstacles as he enters the skies over Viet Nam, there is a spiritual battle that rages, albeit behind the scenes, that creates a beautiful reflection of God’s grace and mercy!

Anderson takes Bill Mann into the heart of the Viet Nam conflict. He deals with issues like racism honestly and with straightforward candor – including the realistic response of a man who knows without a doubt he is much more than the color of his skin! Mann winds up with friends in places he never dreamed he’d claim them, and allies along his journey that could only be credited to God’s divine appointment. Anderson showcases his lifetime career as a pilot in this tale, and you feel as though you are riding along with Lieutenant Mann time and time again. This is a story of physical and spiritual warfare that is gritty and real, and I personally think it will have a wide audience appeal. I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Cool Woman today and enjoy an adventure in the skies above Viet Nam!


John Aubrey Anderson was growing up in Mississippi cotton country when he saw John Wayne starring in Flying Tigers and knew he wanted to be a pilot. After graduating from Mississippi State University, he joined the Air Force, served three tours in Southeast Asia, and went on to fly planes for Delta Air Lines for twenty-eight years. Now retired from the cockpit, he writes novels, including the acclaimed Black or White Chronicles trilogy, and lives with his wife in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.

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